Chapter 1982: Serene Spirit Tower (4)

    Chapter 1982: Serene Spirit Tower (4)

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    Towards anything that made one dependant upon it, Jun Wu Xie instinctively felt that something was wrong.

    Jun Wu Xie was thinking to walk over over to take a closer look but Poppy instead told her: "If Mistress wants to go take a closer look, then I'm afraid Mistress will have to go over by herself. Within a certain perimeter outside the Serene Spirit Tower, all spirits who are non human spirits are not permitted to step inside. If we are to go in there, it would only cause the Serene Spirit Tower's guards to chase us away."

    The reason why the other spirit races were discontented with the human spirits was mainly because of the high handedness of the human spirits in certain areas.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head and went walking over on her own.

    Having come a little closer, that was when Jun Wu Xie then noticed that the Serene Spirit Tower was formed up piece by piece, from stone blocks with runes carved in them. Those runes looked highly familiar to her and Jun Wu Xie actually saw among them the same runes she had seen before in Spirit Reinforcement!

    Could it really be Spirit Reinforcement?

    Jun Wu Xie's heart was feeling a little puzzled when at that moment, Meng Yi Liang and his group of people came returning back to the Serene Spirit Tower after the rather disappointing experience earlier at the Spiritual Spirit Loft.

    "Eh?" Meng Yi Liang had been feeling rather gloomy from how Little Lotus and Poppy had enraged him when he saw that a figure of unmatched beauty had appeared outside the Serene Spirit Tower, and joy raised up the tips of his brows.

    "Young lady, you've come? What do you think? The Serene Spirit Tower looks rather impressive right?" Meng Yi Liang flashed what he thought was his most handsome smile to say as he came to stand beside Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at him and did not say anything. With just the kind of disrespect that Meng Yi Liang had shown to Nalan Shan back at the Spiritual Spirit Loft, it had made Jun Wu Xie highly despise this person. Seeing him open his mouth to talk to her, she merely cast a highly fleeting glance at him and did not say a single word in reply.

    Meng Yi Liang did not feel that there was anything wrong. Not to mention Jun Wu Xie merely casting such a brief and fleeting glance at him, with that face that could bring whole cities and entire countries down to their knees, even if she had glared fiercely at him, Meng Yi Liang would still feel his heart thumping wildly.

    Human spirits who were able to come into the Spirit World, were mostly people who were highly powerful when they were alive, and had steady power of the spirit. Among these people, the number of females were comparably lesser in number and to have been able to attain a certain level of power, most of them were already advanced in age. Young and beautiful ones like Jun Wu Xie was beyond few, needless to mention one with looks as outstanding as Jun Wu Xie would be an existence as rare as phoenix feathers and dragon horns, which would naturally cause Meng Yi Liang's heart to be moved.

    Not feeling Jun Wu Xie's cold indifference to him in the slightest, Meng Yi Liang went on to say obtusely: "The kind of increase in power that you can get by cultivating in the Serene Spirit Tower is beyond what you can imagine. This place is much more useful than what Nalan Shan is capable of. I still do not know how to address our young lady here. My name is Meng Yi Liang and I am the Spirit Master Wu Jiu's disciple. Do you know about Wu Jiu the Spirit Master? He is the most powerful entity among us, the human spirits. The Spirit Lord trust my Master greatly and the Serene Spirit Tower here is also my Master's idea. Not only has the Spirit Lord agreed to it, he has even given my Master great authourity."

    Meng Yi Liang was trying to paint himself as someone important before Jun Wu Xie and he repeatedly brought up the name of Wu Jiu again and again, oblivious to the fact that in Jun Wu Xie's eyes, just how despicable a fella who acts like a dog threatening others with its Master's name really was.

    Still unable to elicit a reply from Jun Wu Xie, Meng Yi Liang could not help but feel a little anxious. Noticing that Jun Wu Xie was staring at the Serene Spirit Tower so intensely, an idea suddenly popped into Meng Yi Liang's head as he went to stand right in front of Jun Wu Xie to say with a smile: "Are you thinking of going into the Serene Spirit Tower? It so happens that I am going into the tower to practice my cultivation and if you want to go inside, I can bring you in with me without needing to queue."

    Upon hearing those words, Jun Wu Xie then forced herself to let gaze pause upon the figure of Meng Yi Liang a moment before she nodded her head.
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