Chapter 1983: Serene Spirit Tower (5)

    Chapter 1983: Serene Spirit Tower (5)

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    Finally getting a reply from Jun Wu Xie, Meng Yi Liang smiled and said to himself in his heart.

    [Even such a beautiful young lady would not be able to escape the allure of power. Hasn't she finally still come to rely on him to enter the Serene Spirit Tower?]

    "Then, I wonder if I might know the beautiful young lady's name?" Meng Yi Liang said with a smile.

    "Jun Wu Xie."

    "Jun Wu Xie, what a great name." Meng Yi Liang smiled gleefully. "Then Wu Xie, please come into the Serene Spirit Tower together with me now and I believe that once inside the Serene Spirit Tower, it would not be long before you will be just like me, to possess a solid body."

    Jun Wu Xie swept her eyes to glance at Meng Yi Liang, not bothering with his self praise but merely went on to walk with him to come before the main doors of the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Outside the Serene Spirit Tower, two men in light armour stood guard. Meng Yi Liang led Jun Wu Xie over towards them and nodded his head at them.

    "Senior Meng." The two men immediately greeted upon seeing Meng Yi Liang.

    Meng Yi Liang nodded slightly. "Open the door."


    The main doors of the Serene Spirit Tower opened before Jun Wu Xie's eyes. The doors has just opened when power of the spirit came surging out intensely from inside the tower. The power was tinged with a slight warmth that hit them on their faces, as the human spirits queueing right at the front of the line were unable to help themselves but to narrow up their eyes and let out a sigh of comfort.

    "Come on in." Meng Yi Liang said to Jun Wu Xie, and Jun Wu Xie stepped herself inside.

    Once the spirits queueing up outside the doors saw someone jumping the queue, someone immediately began to kick up a fuss in displeasure.

    "How can the bunch of you just go inside like that! ?"

    "That guy is the Spirit Master, Wu Jiu's disciple, and this Serene Spirit Tower is built by the Spirit Master, so his disciple would naturally have the right to enjoy priority access." The guard said with a sneer.

    Every single one of those words fell into Jun Wu Xie's ears. Meng Yi Liang thought that he had gained face before Jun Wu Xie and his smile grew more brilliant.

    Inside the Serene Spirit Tower, balls of Spirit Fire was seen burning everywhere. The balls of Spirit Fire swirled within the vast interior of the tower, and on the first level, there was already a large number of people who were seated upon the ground, many balls of flaming Spirit Fire surrounding their bodies. They all had their eyes tightly closed, their faces seemingly reveling in enjoyment, looking like they were hopelessly addicted to this manner of cultivation and enjoying every moment of it.

    Jun Wu Xie secretly took note of everything that she was seeing, her gaze passing over the surrounding walls. There were more Spirit Reinforcement runes carved into these walls and the runes used in Spirit Reinforcement formed up a massive pattern, extending from the walls right onto the floor, converging from all four sides to the centre of the floor, that looked very queer.

    "This place is where normal people cultivate. In the Serene Spirit Tower, the higher you go up, the more intense and robust the power of the spirit is. Before the Serene Spirit Tower was built, we were all just merely hugging on to a single ball of Spirit Fire to cultivate. But in here, the number of Spirit Fire we have is more than you can imagine. Spirit Fire helps to temper our spirits greatly and here inside the Serene Spirit Tower, the higher you go up, the number of Spirit Fire increases as well, and the power of the spirit thicker, where only the disciples of my Master would be able to cultivate on the eleventh and twelfth level of the Serene Spirit Tower." Meng Yi Liang said, highly pleased with himself as he chattered on uninhibitedly before Jun Wu Xie.

    Unknown to him, watching from outside the Serene Spirit Tower, Poppy and Little Lotus saw exactly how Meng Yi Liang was trying to get close to Jun Wu Xie, their eyes fixed upon Jun Wu Xie as she walked into the tower with Meng Yi Liang as the corners of Poppy's mouth subconsciously curled up with a sneer.

    "I am suddenly very curious that if the Dark Emperor comes to know that someone is being so eager to please the Mistress, would he smash that person's spirit into flight and his soul to disperse into naught."

    One who dares to antagonize Jun Wu Xie must first weigh himself properly!
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