Chapter 1984: Serene Spirit Tower (6)

    Chapter 1984: Serene Spirit Tower (6)

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    Inside the Serene Spirit Tower, Meng Yi Liang still did not know that he was courting death, as he continued to show off his position as a disciple of the Spirit Master to Jun Wu Xie with a brilliant smile on his face.

    Going up from the first level of the Serene Spirit Tower, the higher the level they went up to, the greater number of Spirit Fire they saw, with the intensity of the power of the spirit becoming stronger, and the higher they climbed, the number of people on the level also grew less.

    When they came to the fifth level, the number of people on that floor had already diminished by half and Meng Yi Liang discreetly cast a quick glance to look at Jun Wu Xie, puzzlement rising up in his heart. New souls were in most urgent need of the power of the spirit but on the other hand, as the spirit of a new soul had just been recently formed, they were extremely fragile, and would not be able to remain inside the Serene Spirit Tower for too long due to its exceptionally intense power of the spirit. For new souls that had newly arrived at the Spirit World before, they would at most only be able to reach up to the third level or so. Going up any further, the intensity of the power of the spirit in those levels only made them feel uncomfortable and it could even cause harm to their spirits.

    But Meng Yi Liang had already led Jun Wu Xie up here to the fifth level but he had not noticed Jun Wu Xie showing the slightest sign of discomfort, where she did not seem the least affected by the increasingly robust power of the spirit surrounding them.

    "Cough, the higher you go up, the stronger the power of the spirit will be. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you can just tell me. Whichever level you want to go to, I'll make the necessary arrangements for you." Meng Yi Liang opened his mouth to say, thinking that Jun Wu Xie merely did not understand the situation.

    Jun Wu Xie merely nodded her head, but did not express anything else to him.

    A corner of Meng Yi Liang's mouth twitched, and as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, he found that she did not look uncomfortable in anyway. But such a situation had never occurred before. When had a brand new soul ever come straight up to the fifth level and did not feel the slightest tinge of discomfort?

    In actual fact, not only did Jun Wu Xie not feel the tiniest bit of discomfort, she was instead absorbing the robust power of the spirit in there at a very fast speed, with every minute she was there in the Serene Spirit Tower, it felt as if an endless stream of power was surging right into her soul, quickly filling up her empty and hollow spirit.

    At such an insane speed, and not needing any cultivation to be done. It was like all that was needed from her was to just stand there inside the Serene Spirit Tower and it would be enough.

    Jun Wu Xie followed Meng Yi Liang to continue to climb their way upwards. She then unconsciously lowered her head and looked at her hands, to see that her originally half translucent pair of hands were turning more and more solid. In just a matter of a few short minutes, Jun Wu Xie had actually started to progress towards having a solid body.

    Such a speed was really astounding but there wasn't the slightest sliver of joy in Jun Wu Xie's heart. Power that one could gain without even needing to cultivate was just somewhat too much of an exaggeration.

    Meng Yi Liang then stood there stunned as he stared at Jun Wu Xie walking up to the twelfth level. Up on the twelfth level, an enormous single ball of Spirit Fire could be seen. Across the entire Twelve level, there was just one lone ball of Spirit Fire burning, but the size of it went far beyond any ball of Spirit Fire there ever was. It was so massive that one end of it was stuck up against the roof and its other end was pushed down against the floor. She had just stepped in when she felt a burning heat surging straight towards her.

    At the bottom of that enormous ball of Spirit Fire, a series of Spirit Reinforcement runes surrounded the flame in a circle, with thin lines of runes stretching out from the circle in twelve directions till it reached the walls at the edge.

    Beside the Spirit Fire, two human spirits were seated on opposing sides with their eyes closed in cultivation. The moment Meng Yi Liang stepped into the twelfth level, the colour on his face was showing he was feeling a little unwell as he stared in shock at Jun Wu Xie standing there like she did not feel anything and his face immediately twisted up in bewilderment.

    This was already the twelfth level!
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