Chapter 1985: Serene Spirit Tower (7)

    Chapter 1985: Serene Spirit Tower (7)

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    On this level, even Meng Yi Liang was feeling strangely uncomfortable from the surging power of the spirit assaulting his body. How could Jun Wu Xie actually show no reaction at all?

    That was just too strange!

    "Those two are my senior fellow disciples and they are the earliest two disciples my Master accepted. The intensity of the power of the spirit on the twelfth level here is not something any normal spirit soul is able to withstand. Why not..... I bring you to another level for you to cultivate a little?" Meng Yi Liang was feeling unwell all over under the burning surge of the twelfth level's enormous ball of Spirit Fire. It was hard for him to imagine that after becoming a spirit body, heat could actually still bring him so much discomfort.

    Jun Wu Xie stood unmoving in her spot, but her gaze wasn't upon the enormous ball of Spirit Fire, but was instead fixed on the circle of Spirit Reinforcement runes. She was now certain that the runes were the same as those in Spirit Reinforcement without a doubt as within the circle, she had discovered a series of spell runes she was familiar with.

    "Wu Xie?" Meng Yi Liang could no longer endure the high heat in the twelfth level and his face was turning more and more pale, driving him to have no choice but to say in urge.

    Jun Wu Xie recovered to her senses as she looked at Meng Yi Liang who was forcing himself to tolerate the searing heat and she then lowered her eyes slightly to say: "There's no need. I am feeling a little unwell and would like to go back first."

    "Is that so?" Meng Yi Liang secretly heaved a sigh of relief inside. If a new soul did not feel any discomfort having come straight up to the twelfth level, then that would be too unbelievable. Jun Wu Xie's words had made Meng Yi Liang think it to be entirely expected.

    "You're still a new soul and it is natural that you will feel uncomfortable coming to the Serene Spirit Tower for the first time. When you come back here again, you will only need to mention my name to the guards before the doors into the tower to come in. The power of the spirit in here is extremely intense but I am already able to cultivate in the eleventh level now. Your spirit is still a little weak and it will be more suitable for you to start cultivating from the first level." Meng Yi Liang said in self absorbed glee, failing to even notice the chilliness emanating out from Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head and Meng Yi Liang was all ready to escort her back but was rejected. He had merely sent her down to the first level of the Serene Spirit Tower and it was only after he saw Jun Wu Xie stepping out through the tower's main doors that he was finally able to heave a big sigh of relief.

    A pity Meng Yi Liang was completely unaware that the reason Jun Wu Xie was in such a rush to leave was not because she could not withstand the power of the spirit within the Serene Spirit Tower. If Meng Yi Liang had been more observant, he would have discovered that Jun Wu Xie's spirit had become a lot less translucent than before she went into the Serene Spirit Tower, almost about to fill up completely from her half translucent state.

    Jun Wu Xie departed from the Serene Spirit Tower and silently walked towards Poppy and Little Lotus who had been waiting outside.

    "Mistress, what's the situation inside? Why have you come out so soon?" The moment Little Lotus saw Jun Wu Xie, he immediately went tottering forward in welcome, ready to give Jun Wu Xie one great big hug.

    And he had not thought that his pouncing leap would really come to make contact with Jun Wu Xie's body. Little Lotus bounced off Jun Wu Xie's legs as he fell two steps back, his large eyes widening up in surprise.

    "Mis..... Mis..... tress..... I..... I managed to touch you?" Little Lotus stared at Jun Wu Xie in astoundment, his face incredulous.

    It must be known that back when Jun Wu Xie had just become a spirit body, Little Lotus had not been able to touch Jun Wu Xie at all!

    But now, Little Lotus had just firmly knocked himself into Jun Wu Xie's solid body. How was that possible?

    Just ten minutes ago, before Jun Wu Xie had gone into the Serene Spirit Tower, Little Lotus had still not been able to touch Jun Wu Xie!

    Poopy standing on one side similarly showed a tinge of surprise. As one of the older spirits in the Spirit World, he had naturally known how long a period of cultivation would be required before a new soul could advance to achieving a solid form from semi translucency.
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