Chapter 1986: Overtook Once Again (1)

    Chapter 1986: Overtook Once Again (1)

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    But only ten minutes had passed and Jun Wu Xie had suddenly changed?

    Even Poppy was rather shocked by it.

    "Had Mistress discovered anything in the Serene Spirit Tower?" Poppy asked as he composed himself. The change that had come over Jun Wu Xie must have something to do with the Serene Spirit Tower. Any form of advancement for a spirit body was highly advantageous to them but Jun Wu Xie had only been in the Serene Spirit Tower for a little while before she came out from there. The only plausible conclusion could only be because Jun Wu Xie had discovered something that gave her reason to be concerned and that was why she had come out from the tower so quickly.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her head to look at her own legs that Little Lotus had just bumped himself into. She reached her hand out and found that she was able to tug at the clothes on her body. The feeling of having regained her sense of touch felt so unreal, a feeling that felt as if she had not experienced for a very long time.

    "The Serene Spirit Tower is not a good place to be in. That Wu Jiu definitely has some evil intentions behind this." Jun Wu Xie lifted her head up, speaking aloud the very same conclusion Poppy and Little Lotus had come to make in their minds.

    "What does that mean? What's wrong with the Serene Spirit Tower?" Poppy asked as his eyebrow lifted. The Serene Spirit Tower does not permit any non human spirits to enter and hence, he knew nothing about what's inside the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "We'll discuss this when we get back."

    She was in a hurry to leave the Serene Spirit Tower not because she was bothered by all that intense power of the spirit but rather.....

    Jun Wu Xie returned back to the forest they were staying at with Little Lotus and Poppy. Before she got back to her own treehouse, she saw Qiao Chu, Hua Yao and the rest of the gang coming out from her unit to huddle together and discussing something with their heads head close.

    Qiao Chu spotted Jun Wu Xie from afar and his face immediately lit up with joy as he went forward to welcome her.

    "Little Xie! Let me show you something great!" Immediately upon finishing what he said, he did not even wait for Jun Wu Xie to reply when he just squatted down and stuck a finger out. He then poked at a tiny little twig but his half translucent fingertip passed right through the twig. Qiao Chu did not give up but continued to calm and compose himself before he tried a few times in succession.

    Finally, his fingertip did not pass through the twig this time but lightly pushed against the twig. Hua Yao and the others had already walked over to them and were standing there calm and unruffled as they watched Qiao Chu perform his new trick.

    Qiao Chu then focused with all his might to push his finger onto the twig and who would have thought but the twig actually snapped back up!

    Qiao Chu did not notice anything amiss as he let out a unrestrained guffaw and said in a voice filled with excitement: "Bwahaha! How is that! ? I followed the method Big Brother Wu Yao told us about and I practiced it for an entire afternoon before I was finally able to touch something. Hahaha! Ain't I just super good at this?"

    Qiao Chu stood up, all prepared to receive praise from his companions. But the praise and congratulations he imagined in his mind did not come as he saw Hua Yao and all the others just standing there, suddenly fallen silent.

    "What? Is every single one of you so shocked you've all become dumbfounded? Bwahaha! I have taken the lead over all of you this time! Don't you all agree?" Qiao Chu had his head tilted slightly back, looking highly complacent. Hua Yao and the others were still not able to touch anything but he could. This made Qiao Chu who was always lagging slightly behind the whole gang have the opportunity to brag proudly for once. He was just about to laugh at Fei Yan and the others for their stupidity when he suddenly noticed that the stares of Fei Yan and the others seemed to pass right through him, and were instead fixed upon Jun Wu Xie behind him instead.

    "Can all of you not be so petty? Is it that difficult to admit defeat?" Qiao Chu did not understand it and he went on to say sulkily, before he turned himself around intending to seek praise from Jun Wu Xie instead. But when he turned around and saw Jun Wu Xie clearly, his entire being completely froze with shock.
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