Chapter 1987: Overtook Once Again (2)

    Chapter 1987: Overtook Once Again (2)

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    The twig that Qiao Chu had snapped off and flew through the air was at that moment firmly grasped in Jun Wu Xie's hand!

    Qiao Chu's face that had been filled with glee immediately crumbled into despair before Jun Wu Xie. His mouth hung wide open, his face contorted up in disbelief as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, like his eyes were going to stare two holes through Jun Wu Xie's body.

    "Little Xie..... How..... How did you....." Qiao Chu was at a loss for words. So filled with smugness before, and now looking like a little snot faced kid boasting of his height before a bunch of adults.

    Why must it be like this! ?

    Qiao Chu took a hit to his self esteem like he had never felt before. He had thought that he would finally be able to take the lead over his group of companions and be the bellwether of the flock for once.

    Not knowing that while he was secretly feeling so smug with himself for being able to move a branch with his finger, Jun Wu Xie had so casually just gripped the entire twig in her hand!

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Qiao Chu's completely devastated face and she was slightly taken aback as she turned her eyes to look at the twig in her hand. This twig had been snapped off and sent flying by Qiao Chu earlier straight towards her face. She had merely raised her hand to block by reflex.....

    "Little Xie. Be honest with us. Has Big Brother Wu Yao given you private lesson?" Qiao Chu's face was mournful.

    "No." Jun Wu Xie tossed the twig to the ground, shaking her head a little helplessly.

    Jun Wu Yao had never been in a spirit body form before and hence his understanding of things about spirit bodies was not all that thorough.

    "Then how did you....." Qiao Chu could not finish the sentence. He pointed at the twig on the ground, and then pointed at Jun Wu Xie's hand, the expression on his face looking like he was about to burst out in tears.

    Jun Wu Xie felt that her head was starting to hurt.

    Hua Yao stepped forward right at that moment and looked at Qiao Chu who was drawing circles in the ground in despair before he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Little Xie, is your spirit almost about to attain a solid body?" The point that Hua Yao and Qiao Chu were focusing on was completely different. Although he was shocked that Jun Wu Xie was already able to touch things, what he was more concerned about was Jun Wu Xie's spirit that was already almost completely solid.

    If he did not remember it wrongly, when he saw Jun Wu Xie cultivating in her room earlier, her spirit soul had been half translucent like all of them but in just half an afternoon, how had she managed to change so completely?

    If he did not know that Jun Wu Xie had come into the Spirit World at the same time as them, he would have thought that Jun Wu Xie had come here before them for a rather long period.

    "It's a long story. Come inside my place and I'll tell you slowly." Jun Wu Xie said after some consideration, thinking that she should tell Hua Yao and the others about the Serene Spirit Tower and Nalan Shan.

    Hua Yao nodded and the several companions followed Jun Wu Xie to walk towards her house. Only Qiao Chu was still squatting mournfully upon the ground and it not till Hua Yao and the others had walked a distance away that he suddenly raised his head up, to discover that Jun Wu Xie and the others had already walked such a far distance away from him.

    [Not even a word of consolation!]

    Qiao Chu felt as if he had been abandoned by the whole wide world! !

    "Dumb Qiao, are you coming or not?" Hua Yao paused a step, and turned his head to glance at the pitiful worm looking so abandoned before he said in a cold tone.

    "Coming! Right away!" Qiao Chu shot to his feet with a whoosh, and went flying over to Hua Yao in a dead run, his face aggrieved. "Brother Hua treats me the best!"

    Hua Yao rolled his eyes at him.

    "Are you saying that I ill treat you?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly turned her head around, her cold clear eyes sweeping over the figure of Qiao Chu.

    Qiao Chu shivered.

    "No! It's not that! Little Xie is always so nice to me!"

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow, a corner of her mouth lifting up with a smile.
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