Chapter 1988: Overtook Once Again (3)

    Chapter 1988: Overtook Once Again (3)

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    [Even when in such a foreign and unfamiliar environment, the feeling of still having one's close and familiar companions around.....]

    [Is just great.]

    Returning back her house, Jun Wu Xie saw no sign of Jun Wu Yao, and curiosity rose up in her heart.

    Where had that great demon lord gone running to to deliver disaster upon the Spirit World's citizens?

    "Eh? Big Brother Wu Yao is not in?" Qiao Chu stretched his head around to look, thinking it a little strange to not see Jun Wu Yao in there.

    Jun Wu Xie already did not find that strange anymore. She went forward to find herself a chair to sit down. The feeling of having regained one's sense of touch almost made her forget that she was in spiritual form, with everything like when she was still human, exactly the same.

    Raising her eyes up to look at her little bunch of companions, she was just about to say "grab a seat" when she saw the shocked expressions on the faces of Qiao Chu and the others where she then fell silent.

    Looking at those few imps right before her, their eyes staring at her like they were seeing a dinosaur!

    "Hey, she can really sit." Fei Yan said in surprise.

    "That's great!" Rong Ruo nodded.

    "I also wanna sit down....." Qiao Chu's face was mournful.

    A corner of Jun Wu Xie's mouth twitched. After being turned into spiritual bodies, she had not thought that the simple act of sitting on a chair would draw the envy of this bunch of fellas.

    [Why did it feel so strange?]

    Jun Wu Xie cleared her throat and the little black cat that had been plopped on Poppy's shoulder all this while then jumped onto Jun Wu Xie's lap, going back to its familiar spot, seeking to rest comfortably.

    That action, just drew a tearful stare from Qiao Chu.

    Jun Wu Xie felt her headache worsening and she had no choice but to ignore Qiao Chu's "pair of eyes that could talk", to look at the rest of the gang with a serious gaze.

    "I went to the Serene Spirit Tower today."

    "Serene Spirit Tower?" The faces of the youths look bewildered. Their knowledge of the Spirit World was good as zilch.

    "The Serene Spirit Tower was built by a human spirit called Wu Jiu after he discussed it with the Spirit Lord....." Jun Wu Xie went on to explain the origins of the Serene Spirit Towers to Qiao Chu and the others, including the situation inside those towers.

    When Qiao Chu and the gang finished hearing Jun Wu Xie out, they were all properly astounded.

    "You went walking one round in the Serene Spirit Tower and then became like this?" Qiao Chu asked as he clutched his hand over his chest, clearly struck quite hard by that realization.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Fan Zhuo rubbed at his chin and looked rather thoughtful as he said: "Based on what Little Xie said, in the Serene Spirit Towers, one didn't even need to cultivate and they would be able to gain an endless stream of power of the spirit. There is always a specific rule to everything and the situation in the Serene Spirit Towers seem to have exceeded any such principles. I would think that Little Xie's concerns about the place is rightfully valid as such a maniacal surge of power of the spirit is definitely not safe."

    Anybody would yearn for strong power of the spirit. But blindly pursuing powers that one did not understand was just courting death.

    "You said that you discovered Spirit Reinforcement in the Serene Spirit Tower?" Hua Yao asked with an eyebrow raised up, as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie had mentioned Spirit Reinforcement to her companions before but they knew nothing about it. Only Fan Zhuo who had a slight grasp of being a Ring Forger knew a little about the spell runes used in Spirit Reinforcement. But Fan Zhuo only knew three sets of spell runes that was imparted to him by his mother and as for what kind of effect those runes gave exactly, was not entirely very clear to him.

    Although none of them knew exactly what those Spirit Reinforcement runes really were, but the kind of astonishing effects Jun Wu Xie's Spirit Reinforcement gave was clear for all of them to see.

    "It should be. Although I am not able to be clear about everything at this moment, but I am definitely able to recognize some of those runes." Jun Wu Xie nodded as she said. The number of runes she had seen in her past life had been so many and they were still not complete. Moreover, among those that Jun Wu Xie remembered, not all of them had been experimented with yet.
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