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    "Oh? Then what did you see then?" Fei Yan asked curiously.

    "Fusion." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Fusion?" Fei Yan was taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head slightly. "Fusion is one of the Spirit Reinforcement spell runes I experimented with before. All my Spirit Reinforcement runes are first written on the ground before Little Black puts it to use. But when I wrote out fusion, something strange happened."

    Jun Wu Xie had written it on the ground back then. But before the little black cat had been able to step on it, the soil below the Spirit Reinforcement runes had suddenly quaked tremendously together with a circle of rocks surrounding it. And in an instant, those rocks had been sucked in to adhere onto the soil, where right thereafter, they were smashed to meld together with the soil.

    Hence, Jun Wu Xie had named that set of Spirit Reinforcement runes as Fusion. But because the effects of that Spirit Reinforcement was strange, Jun Wu Xie had never used it.

    But on the twelfth level of the Serene Spirit Tower, under that massive ball of Spirit Fire, she discovered that one set of runes.

    Fusion. An extremely dangerous Spirit Reinforcement spell. Why had it appeared in the Serene Spirit Tower?

    "Besides fusion, I also discovered other kinds of Spirit Reinforcement, but only that they were not anything exceptional." Jun Wu Xie was initially just curious. But when she saw the fusion spell, she realized the kind of danger that could possibly exist within the Serene Spirit Tower.

    A place like that, was definitely not suitable for spirit bodies to cultivate in.

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused shock to register on the faces of Qiao Chu and the others. They were seemingly starting to realize, that a certain kind of danger was hidden here and spreading in the Spirit World.

    "Although that place was highly effective in raising one's power of the spirit, but I do not suggest that you guys go there. Instead of going to such a dangerous place to cultivate, why not go seek Nalan Shan instead." Jun Wu Xie did not have a favourable opinion of the Serene Spirit Tower at all and from the way she saw it, the power of the spirit in the Serene Spirit Tower was not being passively absorbed by the spirit bodies who go there but was in fact spontaneously entering the spirit bodies on its own. Even in Mount Fu Yao where spirit power had been most abundant, no one had felt any discomfort from the robust presence of spirit energy, but Meng Yi Liang's reaction when he stepped up onto the twelfth level had startled Jun Wu Xie to become aware of that fact.

    Such power that entered a spirit body on its own without even needing to cultivate was something that could not be controlled, which also meant that regardless whether the spirit body was willing or not, or whether they were able to withstand that kind of power, they would still surge and rush in. The resulting end when one was unable to withstand the power would be terrifying.

    "Hearing you say that, I have completely lost all interest in going to the Serene Spirit Tower." Qiao Chu said as he blew out a breath. He was very envious of Jun Wu Xie's sudden leap of advancement, he treasured his life more.

    "Where is that Nalan Shan you speak of? If there's time, we can all go take a look together." Hua Yao then said.

    The reactions of her little companions set Jun Wu Xie's heart at ease. None of them were being swayed by the suspicious might the Serene Spirit Tower provided.

    "Little Lotus and Poppy knows where Nalan Shan is. We'll go tomorrow." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Sure! Then we'll go continue with our cultivation now then." Fan Zhuo said with a nod of his head.

    The companions chatted for a while more and then dispersed to go their own separate ways.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to cultivate in her own room but she noticed that the little black cat seemed tired and lethargic. After they came back, it had been lying there throughout, and when Jun Wu Xie was cultivating, it just laid there limply.

    And such a situation had never occurred before.

    The little black cat's spirit was fused with hers and based on that reason, its discomfort should be something that Jun Wu Xie would be able to feel but without knowing why, when Jun Wu Xie attempted to say something to the little black cat, the little black cat just merely raised its eyes to look at Jun Wu Xie sleepily, looking like it was in agony.
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