Chapter 1990: Affected (2)

    Chapter 1990: Affected (2)

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    Seeing how unwell the little black cat was feeling, Jun Wu Xie was unable to concentrate on her cultivation and just cradled the little black cat in her arms.

    In her past life and this, the little black cat was her most important companion.

    "What happened?" Little Lotus asked as he stood at the side, seeming to have noticed that there was something wrong with the little black cat as well. He went over to squat down beside Jun Wu Xie and looked a little worriedly at the listless little black cat.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. The little black cat's consciousness was now very weak and even she was almost unable to feel its consciousness already. Jun Wu Xie stretched her hand out and gently stroked the little black cat's back. The little black cat seemed to be able to sense Jun Wu Xie's worry and wanted to react to it but it could only let out a soft and weak meow, before it fell into deep sleep.

    Poppy came walking over to seriously have a look at the little black cat's situation. His brows creased up slightly as he said: "Something's not right with it. Its power of the spirit is dispersing out at a very fast rate. I suggest you go seek out the Flame Dragon."

    "Flame Dragon?" Jun Wu Xie was slightly taken aback.

    She seemed to have heard that name before.

    Poppy then said: "The original source where Qiao Chu's pair of Flame Gauntlets was from. It is now in the Spirit World, and the leader of the Beast Spirits. It holds the most knowledge about Beast Spirits and since the little black cat is a Beast Spirit, the Flame Dragon should be able to tell what's happening."

    "Where is the Flame Dragon?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "To want to see the Flame Dragon, with just the few of us here will not work. We'll have to rope in Poison Ivy." A corner of Poppy's mouth stiffened. "Beast Spirits have a more candid and wild personality and they do not like my scent, hence, I'm afraid they will not find me welcome. Instead, they have quite a good relationship with Poison Ivy and if he brings you, the Flame Dragon might show him a little bit of face."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Seeing the little black cat looking so frail, she could not wait a moment longer but immediately went with Little Lotus and Poppy to go find Poison Ivy.

    The place that Poison Ivy was at was not the same place Jun Wu Xie and her companions were. They walked for a long while as Poppy led Jun Wu Xie to come somewhere near the Tranquil Dream Forest.

    The Tranquil Dream Forest was the biggest and densest forest in the Spirit World. This place was originally the place that was most suited for human spirits to cultivate but after the Serene Spirit Tower was built, one could almost no longer see any sign of human spirits in the Tranquil Dream Forest anymore.

    The place that Poison Ivy resided at, was close to the Tranquil Dream Forest and it was a massive tree. It was tall and straight, its canopy of leaves thick, reaching into the clouds. Long vines wound around its wide and sturdy trunk and upon those vines, little purple flowers could be faintly seen.

    "Poison Ivy, we have something to discuss with you. If you're free, come out to meet with us." Poppy stood before the massive tree, and lifted his head up to call out.

    The massive tree was strangely quiet. There wasn't the slightest hint of a sound coming out from it.

    Poppy shrugged his shoulders. "Seems like he does not care to see me here."

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up slightly.

    Poppy turned to look at Little Lotus standing there in a daze and raised a foot to kick Little Lotus on his fleshy behind.

    "Go, go ask your Big Brother Poison Ivy out for a chat."

    Little Lotus was kicked to landed right by the foot of the tree. He rubbed at his sore behind as he looked at Poppy pitifully before he dragged himself to go beside the tree's trunk reluctantly. He then raised up his pudgy little paws and grabbed at the vines curled around the tree trunk to tug at them before saying in a endearing childlike voice.

    "Big Brother Poison Ivy..... Can you please come out....."

    There was still no response.

    Poppy's brows creased up. He then walked over to Little Lotus and bent his back to suddenly reach a hand right under the bib Little Lotus' wore over his little body.

    "Waaah! ! What are you doing! ? No.....! ! !" Little Lotus burst into sobs with a loud wail, clutching his little arms over his bib.
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