Chapter 1991: Affected (3)

    Chapter 1991: Affected (3)

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    But Poppy did not seem to care as he continued to feel about under Little Lotus' tiny bib.

    Even as Little Lotus struggled with every ounce of strength he had, Poppy still managed to grab a few Snow Lotus seeds out from the under Little Lotus' bib. With the bright jade green seeds in his hands, Poppy curled up the corners of his lips as he looked menacingly at Little Lotus who was lying there on the ground and sobbing with tears flowing down everywhere and Poppy stood there laughing evilly.

    "I have not had a taste of your seeds for a long time and I have missed them so much." Poppy said triumphantly, looking every inch a thuggish rogue.

    Little Lotus wiped at his tears, staring at Poppy as he trembled in anguish.

    "That..... That is..... is for Mistress to eat..... You..... You cannot eat them....."

    Poppy's smile turned even more sinister.

    "Ha! What are you going to do about it if I'm going to eat them?"

    Jun Wu Xie stood on one side, looking on without a word as Poppy continued to bully Little Lotus.

    All this time, with Jun Wu Yao around, Poppy had become quite a bit more tame.

    Upon saying that, Poppy immediately raised up his hand, and was about to pop the lotus seeds right into his mouth.

    But at that very instant, two green vines suddenly shot out from the tree trunk, one restraining Poppy's hand that was holding the lotus seeds, and in a quick blink, the other vine had snatched the lotus seeds out from Poppy's hand completely.

    A cold and proud slender figure suddenly appeared at the foot of the tree.

    "After so many years, that malicious mean streak in you still has not changed. If you like to eat so much, why don't you just eat yourself up instead?"

    Venomous words from that poison tongue reached Poppy's ears with Poison Ivy standing at the foot of the tree, his brows creased up as he glared disapprovingly at Poppy's bullying of Little Lotus. With a snap of his vines, he put the lotus seeds he had snatched back right before Little Lotus.

    Little Lotus looked at the retrieved lotus seeds that had been snatched from him and then looked at Poison Ivy. With a loud wail, he pounced onto Poison Ivy's thigh and sobbed pitifully.

    Poppy crossed his arms over his chest to look calmly at Poison Ivy who had suddenly appeared and he said with a laugh: "If I did not do that, would you have been willing to show yourself?"

    "Nonsense." Poison Ivy's lips stiffened. He wanted to just leave, but with Little Lotus clinging on his leg, he could not move at all.

    "Alright. Look at me with all the contempt that you want. I came here this time with something serious to talk to you about. After the matter is done, if you want a fight, I'll play along with you." Poppy said with a smile.

    Poison Ivy stared disdainfully at Poppy. What he could not stand the most was this doggedly persistent trait that cared nothing about consequences in Poppy. He was such a divine pain in his..... behind!

    "Big Brother Poison Ivy, help out Little Black here pleeeease. Little Black is really very pitiful." Little Lotus lifted his head, showing that he was not really that completely dense, realizing that Poppy had purposely bullied him just now in order to draw Poison Ivy out. Poison Ivy always had a cold face but he had a big warm heart, so he just cannot stand to see stronger people bully the weak. Hence in the past, whenever Little Lotus was bullied, if Drunk Lotus did not come out, then it would be Poison Ivy who came out to exact revenge for the little guy.

    "What Little Black?" Poison Ivy asked with his brows furrowed together. Being someone who detested people who bullied the weak, he would naturally not be able to kick Little Lotus away from him.

    Little Lotus then turned his face towards Jun Wu Xie and gestured with his mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie then carried the unconscious little black cat and walked over to stand before Poison Ivy.

    Poison Ivy looked at the little black cat in Jun Wu Xie's arms that was in a deep sleep and his eyes narrowed up slightly. He reached his hand out to feel the little black cat's neck to check and a glint of bewilderment flashed briefly in Poison Ivy's eyes. He then lifted his eyes up to look at Jun Wu Xie to ask: "You went to the Serene Spirit Tower?"

    Jun Wu Xie was startled. She had not thought that Poison Ivy had just felt the little black cat a moment to check on its condition and he was already able to determine what was wrong.

    "The cat and I are two souls in one body. It did not go to the tower. I did." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Poison Ivy took a deep breath.

    "I know what you want to do. I can bring you to go see the Flame Dragon. But, whether it is willing to help, I cannot be certain."
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