Chapter 1992: Flame Dragon (1)

    Chapter 1992: Flame Dragon (1)

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    "You know what happened to it?" Jun Wu Xie asked when she saw Poison Ivy's reaction, seemingly having noticed something.

    Poison Ivy then said: "A slackening of its power of the spirit. It is not a new spirit soul as its spirit has already stabilized. If I am not guessing wrongly, this situation occurred after you returned from the Serene Spirit Tower right?"


    "You shouldn't have gone to the Serene Spirit Tower." Poison Ivy said with his brows creased together.

    "There is a problem with the Serene Spirit Tower?" Jun Wu Xie asked, realizing that Poison Ivy knew something as expected.

    Poison Ivy was silent for a moment. "No matter. I'll bring you to go see the Flame Dragon first."

    Poison Ivy seemed like he did not want to talk about things regarding the Serene Spirit Tower, and Jun Wu Xie did not probe further as she was worried about the little black cat's condition.

    The place the Flame Dragon resided at was not close to Poison Ivy's. Jun Wu Xie walked almost half a day before she reached. Along the way, the closer they got to the place the Flame Dragon resided at, the more Beast Spirits they saw gathered, until just when they were almost about to reach, Jun Wu Xie did not see any sign of other spirit races at all.

    "The different spirit races in the Spirit World has their own congregation points. Only new spirit souls will be assigned to the place you're currently staying at." Poppy said, walking beside Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head slightly, discreetly looking at the Beast Spirits passing beside her.

    The Beast Spirits were all of varying shapes and sizes. When they noticed Jun Wu Xie and her group of people, they slightly paused in their steps, their beastly eyes passing fleetingly over Jun Wu Xie, tinged with a sliver of animosity. If not for the fact that Poison Ivy and Poppy was among the group, it was feared that these Beast Spirits would not just merely be casting glances their way.

    Having walked for a good while, Poison Ivy led Jun Wu Xie to come to a mountainous area. Completely different from the place Poison Ivy lived in, the Flame Dragon's domain was with a region filled with mountains and ravines. Upon the majestic mountains, countless caves dotted its face, and from outside those caves, many Beast Spirits could be seen passing under the entrances of those caves.

    When Jun Wu Xie and the others came close, those Beast Spirits all stopped outside the caves, their bestial eyes turned all at once towards the group.

    "I seem to have the feeling that we are not too welcome here." Poppy said with a lazy shrug of his shoulders as he looked at the unfriendly gazes cast upon them from all directions, the corners of his mouth tinged with a faint languid smile.

    "The fact that they had not charged to come tear you apart is the greatest benevolence they are showing you." Poison Ivy said, sweeping his glance over Poppy.

    "Don't put it in such a cruel way. I'm still a very friendly person." Poppy replied with a smile.

    "Oh? Why don't I let them come get friendly with you?" Poison Ivy's eyebrow arched up.

    Poppy laughed, but did not say anything.

    "That is where the Flame Dragon resides." Poison Ivy pointed at a massive cave right in front of them. The cave's opening was extremely big, and looking at it at first glance, it looked like an endless black hole, causing one to immediately feel uneasy.

    Before they even got close to it, Jun Wu Xie could already see that the air at the cave's mouth was already warped with heat.

    Poison Ivy stepped before the cave's mouth first and turned to look at the little black cat in Jun Wu Xie's arms before turning to look into the pitch dark cave.

    "Flame Dragon."

    Poison Ivy's voice travelled into the pitch black cave and a deep echo resounded. There was no other sound to be heard other than that.

    There wasn't the slightest reaction from inside the pitch black cave, but Poison Ivy did not feel anything was wrong and just stood there in place.

    After quite a while, a boiling heated surge of hot air shot out from the cave's mouth. As a spirit body, Poison Ivy was not affected by the searing hot wave butt just narrowed his eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt the ground beneath her feet tremble, as the sound of heavy footsteps slowly came out from inside the cave. That sound seem to be treading upon people's hearts, every single step extraordinarily powerful.

    From inside the pitch dark cave then flashed two spots of crimson red glow.
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