Chapter 1993: Flame Dragon (2)

    Chapter 1993: Flame Dragon (2)

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    The two bright red spots of light glowed, and it was only at the moment when they were near to the cave's mouth that they were not spots of light, but actually a pair of eyes!

    Bright red crimson eyes!

    The humongous head of the dragon stuck out from the cave, as the monumentally massive dragon revealed its mountainous body coming out from within the darkness.

    With every step the colossal dragon took, the ground beneath Jun Wu Xie shook violently, seeming like they might break and crumble under the massive force.

    The Flame Dragon came out completely from its cave, it colossal body not losing out to the rocky mountains behind it, its dark red dragon scales covering it entirely, a pair of dragon wings lay closely flat upon its back.

    This was the most massive creature Jun Wu Xie had ever seen. Even Lord Meh Meh in his original form was not half as big as the Flame Dragon!

    The Flame Dragon snorted out a stream of dragonbreath through its nose. Its towering body gave people an overpowering sense of awe. Its pair of bright crimson eyes was staring straight at Poison Ivy standing right before it.

    "Poison Ivy, for what hast thou come seek me?" The Flame Dragon's voice was deep and powerful. (Translator Note: Pardon the broken Old English, lack of knowledge on my part and to have it remain intelligible somewhat for non native English readers.)

    Faced with the colossal sized Flame Dragon, Poison Ivy's face was however calm.

    "A Beast Spirit was injured, so we came to find you to have a look." Poison Ivy then pointed at the little black cat in Jun Wu Xie's arms.

    The Flame Dragon's eyes turned onto the little black cat that was not even as big as one of its own tooth. Seeming to have noticed the little black cat's anomaly, it's dragon head suddenly lowered, to lean close to Jun Wu Xie.

    The Flame Dragon had just come a little closer and Jun Wu Xie's hair was already fluttering under the dragonbreath the Flame Dragon was unconsciously blowing out through its nose.

    "It went to the Serene Spirit Tower?" The Flame Dragon's question was exactly the same as Poison Ivy's.

    Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say: "The little black cat and I are of one body. I went there."

    The Flame Dragon then noticed Jun Wu Xie's existence. To the Flame Dragon, Jun Wu Xie's presence was so miniscule that she could be disregarded. The pair of dragon eyes narrowed up slightly, shifting between Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat.

    "One from mine own race, why doest thou shareth one body with thee?"

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything. She was unable to explain to the Flame Dragon why her soul was joined to the little black cat's. She was unable to put in words the nightmare of her past life, on what a synthesized chimera was.

    When the Flame Dragon did not get a reply from Jun Wu Xie, it did not seem to be too concerned on that problem but went ahead to look at the little black cat to say.

    "Things in the Serene Spirit Tower will bring harm to spirit bodies not of the human species. It's power of the spirit is draining out and if continues on like this, it will gradually disperse and disappear."

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie widened her eyes. Never in her dreams had she ever thought that things were that serious.

    The little black cat would disappear?

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the little black cat sleeping in her arms, the pain in her heart feeling like someone was tugging at it.

    No one could possibly understand the feelings she and the little black cat shared. In times when the days were filled with darkness, it was the little black cat who accompanied her throughout, and it was also the little black cat who led her to slowly learn emotions that a human should rightfully possess.

    "Is there a way to save it?" Jun Wu Xie could not help but be filled with remorse. If she had not gone to the Serene Spirit Tower, then all of this would not have befallen onto the little black cat.

    The only precaution she had taken before she went into the Serene Spirit Tower was only to not bring the little black cat. She had not thought that the fact their two souls sharing one body would affect the little black cat at all.

    The Flame Dragon looked at Jun Wu Xie, seemingly a little perplexed.

    "Its situation is very unique. If any non human spirit were to go into the Serene Spirit Tower, even if it was only for a moment, it would turn into the frail state of a new spirit soul. But it did not, and I do not know what the exact situation is between the two of you, but it did not turn out that badly for the little black cat."
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