Chapter 1994: Flame Dragon (3)

    Chapter 1994: Flame Dragon (3)

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    "It is highly possible it is due to the fact your souls are linked. Though its power of the spirit is disappearing, but as you two are one body, then only by having you cultivating doubly hard to exceed the amount of power of the spirit being drained might just still give it a chance." Although the Flame Dragon understood more about Beast Spirits, but Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat were dual souls in one body.

    Jun Wu Xie bit down on her lip, deep regret and hatred filling up her heart in a whirl.

    "What is the reason that is causing its power of the spirit to drain?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at the Flame Dragon. If there was no external forces inflicting harm upon a spirit body, it would definitely not suffer such a sustained kind of weakness.

    The Flame Dragon shook its humongous head.

    "I am not too clear of the reason that is causing it, but it definitely has something to do with the Serene Spirit Tower. The Serene Spirit Tower does not permit any spirit bodies other than human spirits to enter and it must be because there is something in there that is harmful to other spirit species."

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly taken aback. Something in the Serene Spirit Tower?

    "I am unable to help the little cat. You can go back now." The Flame Dragon immediately issued the marching orders without hesitation.

    "I am still thankful to you." Jun Wu Xie thanked the Flame Dragon sincerely. Although the Flame Dragon was unable to heal the little black cat, but it had made her understand the reason behind this, and told her of a way to prevent the little black cat from disappearing.

    The Flame Dragon looked at Jun Wu Xie strangely, but did not say anything as it retreated back into its cave.

    "So I can leave now?" Poison Ivy asked Jun Wu Xie with his arms crossed over his chest.

    "Thank you." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Poison Ivy nodded his head and left.

    Poppy and Little Lotus accompanied Jun Wu Xie, walking on each side of her. Under the dimness of the Spirit World, Jun Wu Xie's heart felt even more depressed.

    "Mistress, Little Black will be fine. Your Big Brother is so powerful, he must know of a way to help Little Black." Little Lotus seemed to have felt Jun Wu Xie's melancholy mood, and he spoke up, trying to comfort her.

    "Wu Yao." Jun Wu Xie's eyes brightened slightly.

    That's right, she had not asked Jun Wu Yao about it. He might really have a way of saving Little Black at that.

    With that thought in mind, Jun Wu Xie did not tarry a single moment as she made her way back. When they got back, Jun Wu Yao still had not returned. Jun Wu Xie was afraid that she might miss catching him when he returns and she made herself remain in her room as she carried the Spirit Fire to practice her cultivation of the power of the spirit. The Flame Dragon had said that since she and the little black cat were dual souls in one body, when the little black cat's power of the spirit was being depleted, only by having her cultivate constantly, would it be able to make up for the parts that the little black cat was losing.

    She did not know how long a period of cultivation she carried on for. Jun Wu Xie seemed to be deeply immersed in her own thoughts, her mind completely pitch black. Within that pitch darkness, she could vaguely see a tiny sliver of golden light, driving back the darkness and fear. She found herself unstoppingly making herself move as she groped her way towards that tiny sliver of golden light in that darkness.

    Under the enshrouding darkness, she saw a little golden tree sapling. The little sapling was very tiny, only reaching till her waist level, but it gave her a feeling of great ease, its golden light encasing the entire tree sapling. Jun Wu Xie slowly came closer to it, and lightly touched a golden leaf upon it.

    The golden leaf moved slightly, and Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt her sight blurring up.

    By the time she opened her eyes, she discovered that Jun Wu Yao was already back in the house. He was seated upon a chair, to watch the little black cat sleeping upon the table.

    "You're awake?" Jun Wu Yao saw Jun Wu Xie open her eyes, and the ends of his mouth lifted slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head, her gaze falling upon the little black cat.

    "Little Black is....."

    "I know all about it. Poppy told me everything." Jun Wu Yao said.

    Jun Wu Xie was biting her lip. Jun Wu Yao stood up, and wrapped her in his embrace as he said in a gentle voice: "Things are not as serious as how the Flame Dragon has put it."
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