Chapter 1995: Little Black (1)

    Chapter 1995: Little Black (1)

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    "Not so serious?" Jun Wu Xie's head lifted up as she looked at Jun Wu Yao in puzzlement.

    Jun Wu Yao then said with a laugh: "Everything that the Flame Dragon said is true, but the situation with you and the little black cat is a little more unique. And it's this very point that the Flame Dragon isn't that clear about. If it was said that the little black cat and you were two individual souls, then the things in the Serene Spirit Tower might really cause the little black cat to disappear. But as the little black cat and you are one entity, there is also the fact that there is something in you that no one else has." Jun Wu Xie raised up a hand and pointed it right at Jun Wu Xie's chest.

    "What do you mean?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "Do you still remember that seed I gave you?" Jun Wu Yao's finger poked at the softness on Jun Wu Xie's chest, as he said meaningfully.

    "You mean the seed from the Spirit Tree?" It suddenly dawned upon Jun Wu Xie what that little tree sapling she saw when she was cultivating really was.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded.

    "When I searched out the Spirit Tree for you back then, it was to let you recover your broken soul. The seed from the Spirit Tree is not only able to gradually repair and replenish your soul, it will also stabilize your spirit. While it was strengthening your spirit, it also had an effect on the little black cat as well. Hence, whatever that thing in the Serene Spirit Tower that is affecting the little black cat, it would only cause it to continue to be weakened. As long as the Spirit Tree in your body is not destroyed, the souls of the little black cat and you will never ever disappear."

    Jun Wu Yao's words finally allowed Jun Wu Xie's heart to settle back down. Knowing that the little black cat will not disappear, Jun Wu Xie was finally able to heave a big sigh of relief.

    She would not be able to withstand the consequences of losing the little black cat.

    "Just what is the Serene Spirit Tower exactly? When I went in there, I had indeed felt my power of the spirit increase, but that was a kind of growth that was not stable." Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. Although she knew that the little black cat would not disappear, but based on what Jun Wu Yao said, even if the little black cat's soul would be preserved, it would still remain in that highly weakened state, and that was not what Jun Wu Xie wanted to see."

    The little black cat's condition started all because of the Serene Spirit Tower and in order for her to resolve that, she would need to start from the Serene Spirit Tower first.

    "I'm not too clear on that yet. When I came here before, there wasn't such a thing in the Spirit World." Jun Wu Yao spoke frankly. He had come to the Spirit World a thousand years ago and the things that had sprouted out here in the Spirit World suddenly was something he did not know anything about.

    "No matter what that is, it cannot be anything good. Little Xie must not go there anymore in future." Jun Wu Yao said, as he ran his fingers through Jun Wu Xie's hair, his eyes flashing with a sharp glint.

    "I will not go there again, but I cannot leave them alone and not care about it. Otherwise, what am I going to do about Little Black?" Jun Wu Xie would not go into the Serene Spirit Tower again no matter what happens, as she could not be certain if she were to go there once more, would she then bring more harm to befall upon the little black cat.

    "Will you need me to go help you take a look?" Jun Wu Yao asked with an eyebrow lifted.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "You cannot reveal your identity."

    Jun Wu Yao had till now still been unwilling to reveal his secrets and he must have his own reasons for doing that. With Jun Wu Yao's kind of personality, the fact that he had been made to secretly conceal his identity must mean that the enemy was no ordinary person. Hence, Jun Wu Xie did not want Jun Wu Yao to be exposed to danger because of her.

    Jun Wu Yao looked smilingly at Jun Wu Xie's serious expression and could not help but plant a light kiss upon her cheek.

    "Little Xie is becoming more and more gentle. You are actually that concerned about my safety. Rest assured, no one in the entire Spirit World is able to touch me and people who hold animosity against me are not able to come into the Spirit World, unless they exterminate themselves." Jun Wu Yao's eyes flashed highly briefly with a sneer. Soul Extraction was not something just anyone would be able to do.
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