Chapter 1996: Little Black (2)

    Chapter 1996: Little Black (2)

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    There was no differentiation between night and day in the Spirit World, and spirit bodies did not require any rest. Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang cultivated in their own houses for a rather long time before feeling that they could not wait any longer as they gathered everyone to go knock upon Jun Wu Xie's door.

    In the instant that the door was opened, Qiao Chu and the others could see that the entire place was scattered with pieces of paper, and on those pieces of paper, they were filled with all kinds of cryptic runes that were hard to understand.

    Jun Wu Xie was sitting on the floor in the room, a brush in hand as she continued to write out all kinds of spell runes.

    Jun Wu Yao was standing by the door, to look at the several youths standing there in a daze in bewilderment.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, what is with..... Little Xie?" Qiao Chu exclaimed, his face in shock as he looked at the almost maniacal Jun Wu Xie. She was fine just before, so why had she suddenly started to scribble all this?

    "Something's happened to the little black cat." Jun Wu Yao said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. Even though he had told her that the little black cat will not disappear, but Jun Wu Xie had still not relaxed. For the entire night, she had been trying to make a record of the Spirit Reinforcement runes she had seen in the Serene Spirit Tower yesterday.

    "Huh? What happened?" Qiao Chu was slightly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Yao briefly told Qiao Chu and the others about the things that had happened to the little black cat and the faces of the several youths all showed expressions of shock after they heard.

    Although they had felt that something did not sound right when they were told of the Serene Spirit Tower, but they had never thought that it would give such an adverse effect. Seeing Jun Wu Xie wrecking her brains out so hard on it, the group of youths could not help but have a worry rise up in their hearts.

    Although they did not have a dual soul companion like the little black cat, but they had Ring Spirits that they were inseparable with. If their Ring Spirits were to fall into such disaster, they would not be able to remain calm as well.

    No one went to disturb Jun Wu Xie as all of them just stood quietly at the side.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to write for quite a long while to precisely write out the sheer amount of Spirit Reinforcement runes in the Serene Spirit Tower was not a task that could be completed within a day or two. And the anxiety that filled her heart gave her no choice but to speed up increasingly, so that she could make out and decipher the secret hidden within the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Jun Wu Xie did not know how long she wrote for when she finally put down the brush in her hand. It was only when she raised her head up that she saw Qiao Chu and the others all waiting on one side. She had been too engrossed and did not notice their arrival at all.

    "You guys came." Jun Wu Xie said as she stood up, to walk over to carry up the little black cat who was sleeping soundly.

    "We know all about Little Black's condition. If there is anything you need our help with, just open your mouth to ask." Rong Ruo came beside Jun Wu Xie to say with concern.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. The little black cat's circumstances was a little unique. Although the little black cat would not disappear, Jun Wu Xie did not wish to see it so weakened and frail. Only by cultivating her power of the spirit hard, would she be able to let the little black cat recover as quickly as possible, but at the same time, she needed to unravel the secret in the Serene Spirit Tower in order to eradicate the root of the problem. Otherwise, the little black cat might not be able to escape these chains.

    "We'll go look for Nalan Shan." Jun Wu Xie said calmly. To completely decipher the Serene Spirit Tower's secret would take her more than a day or two. The soonest she was able to cultivate her power of the spirit would be the most appropriate choice.

    Rong Ruo and the others looked at Jun Wu Xie rather worriedly, deeply afraid that the little black cat's situation would affect Jun Wu Xie greatly. Fortunately Jun Wu Xie was extremely calm about it and did not sink into fear and panic.

    The youths tarried for a little longer there before they started on their way towards the Tranquil Dream Forest to look for Nalan Shan, with Poppy and Little Lotus leading them.

    The place that Nalan Shan resided in was not too far from Poison Ivy, but just at opposite ends of the Tranquil Dream Forest. When Little Lotus reached there with Jun Wu Xie and the rest of the gang, they saw Nalan Shan trying to gesture something to a Beast Spirit that looked like a brown bear.....
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