Chapter 1997: Little Black (3)

    Chapter 1997: Little Black (3)

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    "You cannot go in. It's too dangerous here." Nalan Shan said as he pointed at the brown bear and then pointed at the Tranquil Dream Forest, his face making a pained expression. His antics where he waved his hands frantically looked just highly hilarious.

    "Pfft." Qiao Chu could not hold himself back as he burst out with a stifled laugh. He quickly covered his mouth and went over to Jun Wu Xie to say in a suppressed voice: "Little Xie, are you sure this is the person that is supposed to instruct us in cultivation? Why do I feel that..... he's a bit of an oddball?"

    The brown bear's spirit body was still very weak, like Qiao Chu and the others, its body was half translucent, making it clear that it had just come to the Spirit World not long ago.

    Jun Wu Xie did not respond to Qiao Chu's words but just went walking over towards Nalan Shan.

    Nalan Shan was trying very hard to explain to the one tracked mind Beast Spirit of the dangers in the Tranquil Dream Forest when he suddenly noticed Jun Wu Xie's presence, and his gentle and good looking face showed an expression tinged with a trace of surprise and delight.

    "You came!" Nalan Shan said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, the surprise in his eyes unconcealable. He had thought after Jun Wu Xie came to know about the Serene Spirit Tower, she would be just like other human spirits to choose to go to the Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate, never ever having thought that Jun Wu Xie would really turn up here.

    Nalan Shan then very quickly noticed Jun Wu Xie's spirit body had from its half translucent state yesterday, turned to become almost fully solid today, her progress so fast it was shocking.

    "You went to the Serene Spirit Tower?" He had originally thought that Jun Wu Xie had only gone to the Serene Spirit Tower to take a look when she came to know of the Serene Spirit Tower but seeing the state of Jun Wu Xie's spirit body, Nalan Shan could be certain that Jun Wu Xie must have gone into the Serene Spirit Tower and cultivated in there for quite a long time, otherwise, she wouldn't have progressed so quickly.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie did not hide the fact, and nodded her head.

    "I had never thought that a human spirit who had gone into the Serene Spirit Tower would still choose to come find me. You really surprise me." Nalan Shan could not help but show a bitter smile on his face. It was hard for him to imagine that after having experienced such speedy advancement in the Serene Spirit Tower, anyone would still insist to continue their cultivation with the old and ancient cultivation method.

    "I encountered a bit of an accident in the Serene Spirit Tower and I will not go there to cultivate anymore. There are also some things I need to ask you about." Jun Wu Xi would never go into the Serene Spirit Tower again in this life and she had a vague feeling that Nalan Shan must know some of the secrets about the Serene Spirit Tower for him to feel so strongly against the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Not just Nalan Shan, but even Poison Ivy and the Flame Dragon had been highly against the Serene Spirit Tower as well, and just merely questioning them of the reason and they would choose to avoid it and keep mum.

    "An accident? What happened to you?" Nalan Shan's face was filled with shock.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her head to look at the little black cat in her arms, and she then told Nalan Shan about the things that happened to the little black cat.

    After Nalan Shan heard about it, his face was one of shock. A thing like two souls being in one body was not entirely unheard of. The Spirit Soul race was one example of people born with two souls in one body. But he had never heard of any human spirit who shared a body with a Beast Spirit.

    "Can you let me have a look at it?" Nalan Shan recovered his senses, to look at Jun Wu Xie to say.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded and Nalan Shan immediately checked the little black cat's condition. His brows creased together as he looked at the unconscious little black cat and he said in a grave tone: "It seems that what I thought had been correct."

    "What did you think it was?" Jun Wu Xie jumped onto Nalan Shan's muttering to himself.

    Nalan Shan turned to look at Jun Wu Xie and the rest of her group behind her. "All these things, can be further discussed in my house. This is not a good place for us talk."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head and Nalan Shan gesticulated to the new brown bear spirit again. The brown bear was still unable to grasp what Nalan Shan was trying to convey and upon seeing that Nalan Shan was going to leave, it just foolishly followed behind Nalan Shan.
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