Chapter 1998: Spirit Fire that Grows (1)

    Chapter 1998: Spirit Fire that Grows (1)

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    Helpless, Nalan Shan had no choice but to let the brown bear follow them into the house.

    There wasn't all that much furniture in Nalan Shan's room except for row after row of bookshelves and a study table that was piled up with books.

    The brown bear just sat itself down upon the floor, its two furry bear paws dangling over the ground, its pair of black glassy eyes wide opened as it looked at Nalan Shan.

    Nalan Shan could not do anything about it but just let it sit there, as he went on to discuss about more serious business with Jun Wu Xie.

    "Actually, it's just a guess I'm making. When the Serene Spirit Tower had just been built, I was not yet at odds with Wu Jiu. His suggestion to build the Serene Spirit Tower was news that I only came to know later. I should be one of the first batches of human spirits who went into the Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate. The speed our cultivation progressed in the Serene Spirit Tower was very fast and I was initially drawn in by the shocking speed in advancement. At that time, human spirits still did not know much about the Serene Spirit Tower and most people were still following the ancient way of cultivating in the Tranquil Dream Forest, hence I was able to remain within the Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate for full days in a row. But as time passed, I began to discover that something was not right....."

    Initially, Nalan Shan respected Wu Jiu highly. Wu Jiu was his senior fellow disciple and after their Master went into reclusion, Nalan Shan had then lived following Wu Jiu.

    But as the time Nalan Shan stayed in the Serene Spirit Tower grew longer and longer, he suddenly discovered that the Serene Spirit Tower was not as simple as he had imagined. Cultivating in the Serene Spirit Tower, time seemed to pass very quickly. Progressing from the Serene Spirit Tower's first to twelfth level, Nalan Shan had taken less than a month. At that time, his power of the spirit had advanced by leaps and bounds and if not for something that happened after that, he could very well still be hopelessly obsessed in it.

    "Which level did you manage to reach in the Serene Spirit Tower?" Nalan Shan asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    "The twelfth level." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Nalan Shan's face showed a sliver of surprise. "You managed to climb up to the twelfth level the first time you went there? That..... really surprised me. Since you went up to the twelfth level, then did you see the ball of Spirit Fire on the twelfth level?"

    "I did."

    "How big was it?"

    Jun Wu Xie glanced around Nalan Shan's room a moment before she pointed at the room and then onto the floor.

    "It can reach these two ends."

    Nalan Shan gasped loudly. After falling into silence for a long while, he then asked: "Do you know the size of that ball of Spirit Fire initially?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    Nalan Shan stretched his hand out and with his power of the soul, he made a tiny little soya bean appear in his palm.

    "Only this big."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes glinted with a sliver of shock.

    A faint bitter smile than rose up onto Nalan Shan's face.

    "Don't you think that is just too incredulous? Spirit Fire in the Spirit World is formed up by power of the spirit. They do not have the capability to grow, but would only turn smaller and smaller when spirit bodies constantly use them for their cultivation, till it disappears. I had never ever seen a ball of Spirit Fire that was able to grow, till I saw the one in the Serene Spirit Tower."

    Spirit Fire that was just the size of a soya bean, if in the world outside, it would be too small for any spirit bodies to want to use it.

    But inside the Serene Spirit Tower, that ball of Spirit Fire was instead gradually growing, slowly becoming bigger and that strange phenomenon had drawn Nalan Shan's attention to it. He had gone to seek Wu Jiu and he raised his doubts with him. But Wu Jiu had just brushed it off quickly with a few words, asking him not to think too much about it.

    When the first seed of suspicion is planted into the heart, then many things that one did not notice before would then gradually rise to the surface.....
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