Chapter 2000: Spirit Fire that Grows (3)

    Chapter 2000: Spirit Fire that Grows (3)

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    "There is definitely a problem with the Spirit Fire in the Serene Spirit Tower!" Nalan Shan said, his emotion becoming more and more agitated. All those investigations were taken up only by him alone, the loneliness over several decades not understood by anyone. The kind of pressure he had been under was not something the average person would be able to understand.

    But even though that was the case, Nalan Shan did not give up on his research into the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Jun Wu Xie then speedily flipped through the data Nalan Shan compiled, noting every single word into her mind.

    "The Spirit Fire on the twelfth level had initially grown one size bigger every seven days and the first person who went missing had happened a month after he went into the tower. The time apart from the second person's disappearance then shortened by a little." Jun Wu Xie rubbed her chin. The detail Nalan Shan had gathered was done in great detail and that was coincidentally what she needed most now.

    All that data could be put together to form a deduction. But as the scale of calculations needed was just too large, Jun Wu Xie did not have the time required to deduce them all at that moment.

    Nalan Shan said everything he had held hidden deep in his heart for several decades. To be able to share it with another person, it brought him a great sense of relief. "Apologies for having spoken about so much. Though all of this might create a sense of pressure for all of you, but..... I really hope all of you are made aware of the danger in the Serene Spirit Towers, and that they are definitely not good places for anyone to go into."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head in understanding.

    "The little cat's situation is very unique and I would suggest that you first practise your cultivation to slow down the drain on its spirit." Nalan Shan sighed in relief. After the explosive venting of his repression of so many years, his entire spirit body felt a whole lot more relaxed.

    "If all of you want, I can tell you how the normal method of cultivation is carried out and although the speed of progress is not that fast, it is definitely safe." Nalan Shan then said.

    "We came here to learn the cultivation method from you." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Nalan Shan laughed, and without any delay, he immediately explained the method for cultivating one's power of the spirit to Jun Wu Xie and the rest of the gang.

    In truth, the method Nalan Shan told them about was not all that different from what Jun Wu Yao had said, but was just in greater detail. He suggested for Jun Wu Xie and the others to cultivate in the Tranquil Dream Forest as cultivation for spirit bodies were mainly done with Spirit Fire and the Tranquil Dream Forest was where Spirit Fire was most abundant. As one's power of the spirit is raised, the Spirit Fire would gradually deplete till its exhausted and only when there was a constant source of Spirit Fire, would one's cultivation be maintained for a long period of time.

    Nalan Shan told Jun Wu Xie and the others about the cultivation method and then led the group to walk into the Tranquil Dream Forest.

    The Tranquil Dream Forest was vast and balls of Spirit Fire could be seen dancing in the air within the forest everywhere, the orange coloured balls of flame looking just like a broken fragment of the sun that had fallen into the dense forest.

    The brown bear followed behind Nalan Shan throughout despite Nalan Shan's attempts to chase it away, it just refused to leave. Being chased off by Nalan Shan, the brown bear did not know what else to do but to plop itself down on the ground and play dumb.

    Nalan Shan was helpless but Qiao Chu and the others found it hilarious to watch.

    In the Spirit World, only new spirits had no qualms like this as because of the Serene Spirit Towers Wu Jiu had built, human spirits were becoming stronger, and their arrogance was slowly becoming harder to suppress. In the eyes of the other spirit races, human spirits were now quite an unpopular race.

    Jun Wu Xie and the rest of the companions found themselves a few places where there was a higher concentration of Spirit Fires to cultivate. Although while one cultivated, the person was only able to absorb power of the spirit from a single ball of fire, but in a situation where they were surrounded by Spirit Fires all around them, the power of the spirit they absorbed would also somehow unknowingly become more.

    Before the Serene Spirit Towers were built, it was impossible for anyone to monopolize so many balls Spirit Fire.
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