Chapter 2001: Can We Eat In Peace (1)

    Chapter 2001: Can We Eat In Peace (1)

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    The cultivation of one's power of the spirit was dull and dry. Jun Wu Xie did not know how long she had cultivated for. She sat in a half lotus position upon the grass, the little black cat lying across her lap, soundly asleep as the balls of Spirit Fire surrounded her body.

    A warm surge of power was slowly flowing into her body.

    That cultivation continued on for a few days. Jun Wu Xie with Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang made their way to the Tranquil Dream Forest everyday to cultivate for extended periods. It was only until Nalan Shan came around urging them to get some rest that they would stop, to go back to their houses.

    In their spirit state, even if they did not rest, they would not feel tired. But Nalan Shan still insisted they get some good rest, thinking that the sharpening of the blade would not slow down the chopping of wood.

    The speed of progress in cultivation here in the Tranquil Dream Forest could not be compared with the Serene Spirit Tower at all. But Jun Wu Xie did not feel there was anything wrong with it and persisted on, continuing to cultivate, as power of the spirit continued to flow into Jun Wu Xie's spirit constantly. At the same time that she was strengthening herself, it also made the little black cat's situation take a turn for the better, where it would occasionally wake up, but for very short periods. Despite that being the case, Jun Wu Xie was still very satisfied.

    Meanwhile, for Qiao Chu and the others, their power of the spirit were filling up and their spirits were gradually solidifying. Although the process was slow and arduous, none of them gave up on it.

    Nalan Shan watched Jun Wu Xie and her companions persevering with the cultivation and was feeling highly comforted. He could no longer remember how long it had been since he saw other human spirits coming to the Tranquil Dream Forest.

    While Jun Wu Xie was cultivating, she had not forgotten to look out for any sign of Jun Gu. Although Jun Wu Xie was not able to go to the Serene Spirit Tower herself anymore, she had gotten Little Lotus and Poppy to go keep watch outside the three Serene Spirit Towers. She had drawn out a portrait of Jun Gu from her memory and handed it to Little Lotus and Poppy, hoping they they would be able to find Jun Gu's spirit from among the long lines outside the Serene Spirit Towers.

    It was not known how long had passed when Qiao Chu and the others finally achieved completely solid bodies. Finally being able to regain the feeling of having a body when they were in flesh form immediately made the group of youths decide to want to go out to celebrate. They then specially went to ask Nalan Shan and Brownie along.

    Brownie was the brown bear that had refused to leave the Tranquil Dream Forest when Jun Wu Xie had come to seek out Nalan Shan. Throughout this period, as Nalan Shan guided Jun Wu Xie and the companions in their cultivation, Brownie had cultivated along together with them. Unexpectedly, its cultivation speed of progress had been rather fast and it already had a solid body form as well, but it still was incapable of speech, where it was only able to gesticulate to Nalan Shan endlessly with its fat and thick pair of paws.

    Ever since that first time, Brownie had just stuck itself to Nalan Shan's side. No matter how hard Nalan Shan chased it away, it was unwilling to leave. It went to the extent that after it attained a solid body, everytime Nalan Shan attempted to chase it away, it would just hold Nalan Shan around the shoulders in a bear hug, refusing to budge a step, playing a complete thuggish rogue.

    And now, Nalan Shan had already given up on trying to get rid of Brownie.

    He had never seen such a stubborn and persistent Beast Spirit in his life!

    Since it was to be a celebration, then they would have to leave the Tranquil Dream Forest. Qiao Chu and the others went to the Spiritual Spirit Loft at Little Lotus' suggestion, which was also the place that Jun Wu Xie first met Nalan Shan.

    Little Lotus and Poppy still had not discovered any signs of Jun Gu. In order to not miss out any possible chance, the two plants gave up on joining them for the celebration and went to continue to keep watch outside the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Nalan Shan then led Qiao Chu and the others to come to the Spiritual Spirit Loft once again. The Spiritual Spirit Loft was bustling with business as the bunny waiter brought the group up to the second level.

    Jun Wu Xie and her entire group attracted the attention of quite a number of spirits. Among a bunch of human spirits, there was suddenly a Beast Spirit, and it was a Beast Spirit that had already achieved a solid body, hence the group stood out quite a bit as an eyesore.
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