Chapter 2002: Can We Eat In Peace (2)

    Chapter 2002: Can We Eat In Peace (2)

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    "Growl....." Brownie's great big rear sat down upon the chair. The bunny waiter at the side wiggled its nose, seemingly rather worried about whether the chair would collapse under the bear.

    The menu had just been placed on the table when Brownie could not even wait for the others to say a word as he slapped his bear paw upon the menu, holding the menu pressed down under its paw.

    Qiao Chu and the others stared speechlessly at that thug of a bear.

    [Do you even have a sense of bearly propriety! ?]

    "Growl growl! ! Growl growl! Growl!" Brownie did not seem to care about the speechless stares Qiao Chu and the others were gazing at it with. It raised up a bear paw and pointed pitter patter with a claw upon the menu randomly with a deep and heavy growl. After it finished ordering, it raised up its head suddenly to look at the little bunny waiter who was staring stunned at the bear.

    The bunny waiter was frozen.


    The little bunny waiter's eyes rolled back, and fell over into a dead faint.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie looked at the little bunny waiter that had fainted from shock hearing Brownie's roar and she clasped her hand over her forehead.

    The big eared rabbit by itself was already a frail little spirit beast and though this one was now a spirit form, it was still just as timid. Brownie was towering in size and its roar deep and resonating. Seeing the jaws open wide in a resounding roar right straight into its face, it caused the timid little bunny to immediately wither away in a dead faint from fright.

    "Growl?" Seeing the big eared rabbit fallen onto the ground in a heap, Brownie's face twisted up in bewilderment. It was thinking to itself that it had merely made an order of food, so why had the little bunny suddenly fainted?

    Ignorantly oblivious of the oppressive ferocity known to its species, Brownie raised a bear paw up and scratched at its head.

    Another Spiritual Spirit Loft waiter of the long armed ape species immediately came up to drag the unconscious little bunny away and another bunny came hopping up to their table to continue to take their orders soon after.

    This time around, Jun Wu Xie was smarter. Moving at a speed quicker than lightning, she snatched the menu off the table. Just as Brownie was about to sound out a protest, she quickly stretched her hand out to point at the dishes Brownie had picked earlier and said to the little bunny waiter: "This, this, and this."

    Brownie who had wanted to protest saw that Jun Wu Xie actually ordered all the things he had wanted and the bear immediately quietened down.

    Nalan Shan who was seated beside Brownie had a face of utter hopelessness. How had he come to attract such a proud and thuggish big brown bear.....

    Qiao Chu then ordered a few other things right after Jun Wu Xie. Ever since they had come to the Spirit World, he had not eaten a single mouthful of anything. Although he did not feel any hunger, but he still missed the feeling of eating.

    The little bunny waiter then hopped skittishly away from danger, hugging the menu tight against its tiny breast.

    Nalan Shan breathed a great sigh, and then looked at Brownie who seemed to be ignorant of what had happened before he said: "Remember from now on, you must not bully those weaker than you alright? If you do that again, I will throw you out."

    Brownie blinked at Nalan Shan, and before Nalan Shan could continue with his admonishment, it just grabbed Nalan Shan's slender figure into a big wide hug with it enormous paws.

    "....." Nalan Shan was at a loss for for words.

    [Besides this one move, can't this rascal think up something new?]

    Several other Beast Spirits who had just been watching at the side immediately saw that Brownie being the only Beast Spirit in Jun Wu Xie's group had not only not been bullied, but had with its lone might of a single bear, instead oppressed the several human spirits, all of them immediately set their minds at ease, secretly smiling to themselves inwardly as they continued with their meals.

    Following the construction of the Serene Spirit Towers, the status of the the human spirits in the Spirit World was greatly elevated which also caused the actions of many human spirits to become increasingly uninhibitedly wilful and arrogant, which brought about quite a number of instances of conflict between human spirits and the other spirit races.

    In just a while, the little bunny waiter came back bringing the companions the dishes they ordered. This time Qiao Chu and the rest had gotten smarter and they did not even dare to take a whiff at the honey roasted waxed meat and other things that Brownie had ordered, but to push them all right before Brownie, letting the bear enjoy everything it wanted.
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