Chapter 2003: Can We Eat In Peace (3)

    Chapter 2003: Can We Eat In Peace (3)

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    On the Spiritual Spirit Loft's second level, one could see a massive sized brown bear using its fat and enormous paws holding a tiny little spoon as it wrestled with the honey roasted waxed meat in the dish before it.

    Jun Wu Xie and the companions merely looked at the bear for a while before they all went on to eat as well.

    "I haven't eaten anything for so long that I am almost about to forget the feeling of having food melt in your mouth." Qiao Chu was so moved he almost cried.

    "Good for nothing." Fei Yan said as he rolled his eyes at Qiao Chu. Although that was what his mouth said, the actions of his hands did not once stop.

    Jun Wu Xie merely slowly tasted the food a little. She did not crave for food all that much and only ate to fill her stomach. Not that she was in spirit form, that one essential need was no longer a requirement and hence, she did not show much interest in it, but her gaze was instead fixed upon Brownie, looking rather thoughtful.

    Nalan Shan who was seated beside Brownie did not move his chopsticks all that much as well, his gaze similarly staring at Brownie like Jun Wu Xie.

    They had all seemingly missed out on one point earlier. As a new spirit soul and as a Beast Spirit here at the Spiritual Spirit Loft for the first time, wouldn't the way Brownie had ordered his food seem like the bear was a little too familiar with it? It had not even looked at the menu and it already knew what it wanted to eat. Wasn't that..... a little strange?

    However, only Jun Wu Xie and Nalan Shan had realized that problem. The two of them exchanged a glance and saw the same doubt in each other's eyes.

    Gouging happily into the food and heaping large spoonfuls into its mouth, Brownie suddenly pricked its furry ears. It raised up its head from its food as its gaze turned to look towards the stairs. Before Qiao Chu and the others knew what was happening, Brownie suddenly stood up, and ran on all fours maniacally towards the windows on the second floor.

    "Hey! Fatty bear! What are you do....." Qiao Chu jumped to his feet in shock, and before he could finish his words, Brownie had with a mighty leap jumped out through the second floor's window.

    Qiao Chu was stunned.

    Wasn't such vigorous exercise right after eating a little too violent?

    At the same moment that Brownie jumped out of the window, several figures appeared at the top of the second level's stairs.

    They were several human spirits dressed in the same clothes, all of them around twenty to thirty years of age, and a familiar figure stood among them.

    "Eldest Senior, you had shut yourself in seclusion for so long, it's time you should come out to walk around a little. Let me play host today, to treat you to a good meal." Meng Yi Liang said earnestly to a man looking to be about thirty years of age, the smile on his face exceptionally sycophantic.

    Jun Wu Xie had a little bit of an impression of that man. When Meng Yi Liang brought Jun Wu Xie to the Serene Spirit Tower's twelfth level, that man had been cultivating in there.

    Jiang Yun Long had come up to the Spiritual Spirit's second level under the urging of Meng Yi Liang. He had just appeared there when several of the Beast Spirits on the second level turned their eyes upon him, their gazes filled with animosity. The second level that had been noisy and bustling with activity suddenly quietened down.

    Jiang Yun Long's brows creased up slightly as he looked at the several Beast Spirits who were staring at his sharply. His eyes then swept across the room, to look around the surroundings, like he was searching for something. But after searching through an entire round, he did not find what he was looking for and a sliver of doubt rose in his eyes.

    "Eldest Senior please have a seat first." Meng Yi Liang said with a smile.

    Jiang Yun Long sat down upon a chair, his eyes still sweeping across the entire floor. The demeanor of the several Beast Spirits tensed up, all of them clenching up their claws as they continued to stare at Jiang Yun Long.

    "Wu Xie? You're here too?" Meng Yi Liang glanced around the place and saw that Jun Wu Xie was also here, immediately breaking into a smile. But when he saw Nalan Shan sitting right across Jun Wu Xie, the smile on his face quickly congealed.
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