Chapter 2004: Spiritual Bear (1)

    Chapter 2004: Spiritual Bear (1)

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    "Could it be Master Uncle Nalan? Why, you're in such great spirits these days that you do not just stay in the Tranquil Dream Forest but have instead come running outside so diligently." Meng Yi Liang said as his lips curled up with a sneer.

    Nalan Shan's brows furrowed up slightly, not wanting to bother with Meng Yi Liang's taunting ridicule.

    Meng Yi Liang saw that Nalan Shan was not going to retort and he went on to smile more gleefully. He turned to walk over to Jun Wu Xie's side and said: "Wu Xie, I have not seen you go to the Serene Spirit Tower throughout this period, are you feeling unwell? The Serene Spirit Tower is the most suitable place for human spirits to cultivate and it is definitely much better than you cultivating under some hopelessly obstinate fellow."

    This was the first time Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions were seeing Meng Yi Liang and all of them were staring in surprise at this fella who was acting too familiar.

    [Wu Xie?]

    [Addressing her so intimately? From which rock had this scoundrel popped out from that he dared to address Jun Wu Xie like this. Was he tired of living?]

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over Meng Yi Liang, but did not respond to him.

    But Meng Yi Liang was not about to give up.

    "I accompanied my Eldest Senior to come out to walk about today and if there is anything that Wu Xie does not understand with yoru cultivation, you can just ask my Eldest Senior. My Eldest Senior's power of the spirit is now only second to my Master's and is much stronger than someone else."

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie said with an eyebrow raised, feeling a little impatient.

    Nalan Shan took a deep breath, trying hard to disregard Meng Yi Liang's ridicule.

    Jun Wu Xie's rejection was cold as ice, without leaving any leeway for discussion. That made Meng Yi Liang lose face as Qiao Chu and the others sat there stifling their laughter.

    Fortunately for him that this was the Spirit World. For if this was in the Middle Realm or the Lower Realm, a snively scoundrel like Meng Yi Liang would already have died from a single palm strike from Jun Wu Xie.

    Meng Yi Liang had wanted to say something more when sounds of a commotion broke out downstairs. A man wearing the same uniform as Meng Yi Liang came rushing up and said highly anxiously: "Eldest Senior, Senior Meng, we found the Spiritual Bear!"

    Jiang Yun Long who had been sitting quietly at the side started, and then shot up from his chair to rush straight to go right in front of the man.

    "Where is the Spiritual Bear?"

    "At the end of the second street downstairs. We encountered it earlier and it wanted to escape, but we managed to surround it. That beast seemed to have regained a bit of its strength and is now highly ferocious. As we fear we might not be able to hold it for long, I came here to get Eldest Senior."

    Jiang Yun Long did not remain there a moment longer but immediately rushed downstairs.

    Meng Yi Liang stood stunned at the side for a moment and decided that nothing was more important than that before he went rushing down to follow.

    "Spiritual Bear?" Hearing that man's words, Qiao Chu could not help but become curious.

    Nalan Shan and Jun Wu Xie arched up their eyebrow thoughtfully and the several Beast Spirits who had been sitting here on the second level suddenly stood themselves up, to go in hot pursuit of Jiang Yun Long and the other human spirits.

    "What is happening? What is the Spiritual Bear?" Fei Yan asked as he looked at Nalan Shan curiously.

    Nalan Shan's brows furrowed up as he said: "The Spiritual Bear is almost like the Spirit Master among the human spirits, where they possess great spiritual gift, and could be considered to be a leader of a spirit race."

    "It's that powerful?" Fei Yan was getting more intrigued.

    But Nalan Shan's brows were tightly furrowed together.

    "But the Spiritual Bear's spirit was dispersed due to an accident before and no Spiritual Bears had appeared among the Beast Spirits for a long time. How did it suddenly....."

    Just as Nalan Shan was feeling puzzled and confused, a bear's roar that quaked the Heavens came in through the windows.

    The sound fell into the ears of Jun Wu Xie and the others, which shook them entirely.

    "That is the roar of the Spiritual Bear? But why do I feel..... that that roar sounds so familiar....." Qiao Chu said with a gulp, as an ominous feeling of dread rose in his heart.
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