Chapter 2005: Spiritual Bear (2)

    Chapter 2005: Spiritual Bear (2)

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    Jun Wu Xie and Nalan Shan stood up seemingly at the same time.

    "It's Brownie."

    That bear's roar, was one that they were all too familiar with, as throughout the recent period, that sound had almost constantly rung in their ears. How could they not be able to recognize it?

    "What? It's really Brownie? Could Brownie be the Spiritual Bear?" Qiao Chu's eyes were wide. Although he had felt that Brownie was a thuggish and domineering Beast Spirit, but he just could not link Brownie's utterly shameless look to being one as the Spirit Leader of the Beast Spirits.

    "I am not certain of it though. The Spiritual Bear's fur is not brown in colour, and it has the mark of the Spirit Saint on its chest, but there was none on Brownie's body." Nalan Shan was still rather doubtful.

    Brownie had been living with him throughout this period, so how could he possibly not remember such details on its body?

    If there was the slightest suspicious sign, he would have immediately guessed Brownie's identity but there wasn't the slightest suspicious sign at all.

    "Let's go there first." Jun Wu Xie said with an eyebrow lifted. No matter whether Brownie was the Spiritual Bear, the fear in that roar was undeniable.

    Qiao Chu and the others did not persist on asking about the Spiritual Bear, and they immediately went rushing out.

    Out on the busy and bustling street, a wide area was stood open and empty.

    A bunch of human spirits dressed in the same uniform had surrounded a terrified looking brown bear, and that brown bear was the very same Brownie that had stuck itself to Nalan Shan all this while.

    Jiang Yun Long and Meng Yi Liang were leading a group of their men that had Brownie completely surrounded. Brownie had attempted to breach the surrounding circle a few times but had failed. The circle was continuing to shrink and Brownie was struck by terror as it roared incessantly within the gradually contracting circle.

    "What a sly and cunning beast this is. I would really like to see how it can possibly escape from here today." The corners of Jiang Yun Long's mouth curled up into a cruel smirk, and his body morphed into a streak of light, charging straight towards Brownie.

    In the instant that Jiang Yun Long was just about to strike Brownie, several beastly roars suddenly rang out. Several massive black shadowy figures charged through the surrounding circle, and a enormous rhino with thick and tough hide stood itself right in front of Brownie, to receive the strike from Jiang Yun Long in Brownie's place.

    And that ferocious strike struck the enormous rhino so hard it let out a howl, its tough and hard hide broken. Although spirit bodies did not bleed, but that huge wound that broke upon the rhino's body was still terrifying to look at.

    Those several Beast Spirits, were the very same ones from the Spiritual Spirit Loft's second floor earlier.

    With the several Beast Spirits jumping into the fray, they forcibly broke up the encirclement. They used their massive bodies to shield Brownie right in the middle of all of them.

    "What a bunch of meddlesome beasts." Jiang Yun Long's strike had not hit the Spiritual Bear and his eyes were oozing with thick swirling murder. He stared at the rhino who had been heavily wounded by him to say with a sneer.

    "You are the scoundrel who is worse than a beast! With us here today, you can forget about taking the Spiritual Bear away!" The heavily wounded rhino summoned up his strength to stand up, panting heavily as it stood itself right in front of Brownie, its horn on its snout facing Jiang Yun Long directly.

    Hearing the two words "Spiritual Bear" spoken out loud, it caused the chaotic street to fall silent in an instant. Beast Spirits who had been puzzled what was happening were now mostly staring incredulously with their eyes, their gazed fixed directly upon the violent and restless brown bear.

    Jiang Yun Long's eyes narrowed up, and a glint of viciousness flashed within as he suddenly broke out in laughter.

    "Spiritual Bear? Beasts would be beasts. You're not even able to differentiate whether that is a Spiritual Bear or not. Let me tell you that is merely just a regular Beast Spirit."
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