Chapter 2006: Spiritual Bear (3)

    Chapter 2006: Spiritual Bear (3)

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    "The Spiritual Bear's fur has a golden sheen to it. Does that brown bear behind all of you have that? Does it have the mark of the Spirit Saint on its chest?" Jiang Yun Long said with great composure.

    The shocked Beast Spirits standing on the sides all turned to look at Brownie, the many pairs of eyes seeking to find signs of the Spiritual Bear on Brownie's body. Unfortunately, right before their eyes, they could only see an ordinary brown bear, without the slightest hint of anything special about it.

    The rhino was not moved by those words but just stood there to stare sternly at Jiang Yun Long.

    "You don't need to muddy up the waters with your deceptive words here. If it was truly just an ordinary brown bear, how could it possibly have caused the Spirit Master, Wu Jiu's First Disciple, to come all the way out here?"

    Jiang Yun Long was not flustered in the least as he said: "This brown bear wounded my fellow disciples and it has a violent and untamable disposition. The reason I came here is merely to capture and imprison it, to prevent it from harming anymore innocents."

    "Utter rubbish!" The rhino was afterall, still a Beast Spirit, and when it came to a war of words, they were naturally disadvantaged against a human spirit.

    "I'm spouting rubbish? I know that you Beast Spirits have always been cohesive. But I'm sure that all of you are also aware that though some Beast Spirits are powerful, but their minds have not yet fully developed, retaining some of their beastly instincts. Such Beast Spirits, needless to say for me, as even your big boss Flame Dragon would have restrained it, to not let its savage nature run wild. So what is wrong with what I am doing here?" Jiang Yun Long was not showing the slightest tinge of nervousness or anxiety, as faced against a Beast Spirit who had only gradually come to learn to grasp complicated thoughts and speech after they took on their spirit form, in a debate, they would always be the weaker one.

    The rhino was stumped for words under the verbal assault from Jiang Yun Long. What Jiang Yun Long said was true. Beast Spirits whose minds had not yet developed were not suited to be released out into the Spirit World to roam freely. But it knew in its heart that Brownie was not just an ordinary Beast Spirit. Due to its lack of skill in its speech, it was unable to clearly express its thoughts and could only snort in frustration and anxiety in such a situation.

    Jiang Yun Long saw the rhino's frustration and anxiety, and he naturally knew how he should handle the situation.

    The number of Beast Spirits were numerous in the Spirit World, and they were highly cohesive. If they knew the brown bear's identity, then they would surely band together and attack. Even he would not be able to withstand the concerted assault from so many Beast Spirits. But Jiang Yun Long was craftily obfuscated Brownie's identity, causing those Beast Spirits to be unable to make a proper judgement.

    "If what I say is not right, you can ask that brown bear to speak up and explain for itself. If it can clear up the air here, I will then apologise and admit my mistake here, and allow all of you to go." Jiang Yun Long put his words across generously, but the venom brewing deep within his eyes would send chills up one's back.

    The rhino and the other Beast Spirits were becoming more and more anxious, and Brownie who was shielded by all of them was becoming more restless. It was stomping its feet upon the ground incessantly, its mouth open as if it was trying to say something, but all that came out from its jaws was just that same roar.

    It could not even form a single word.

    Beast Spirits who were incapable of speech were those whose minds had not yet developed, and they still retained their beastly instincts.

    Brownie's reaction merely reinforced Jiang Yun Long's words, which just caused those Beast Spirits who were still hesitant to further not believe that Brownie was the Spiritual Bear.

    How could their Spiritual Leader be a brown bear who was not even able to say a single word?

    Jiang Yun Long knew that the effect he was seeking for had been achieved. He was not going to waste any more time arguing with the rhino and the others. He gave a slight wave of his hand and the human spirits who had been scattered by the Beast Spirits' charge gathered together once again to surround and close in on the Rhino, Brownie, and the other Beast Spirits.

    The Beast Spirits had no choice but to shrink their protective circle, keeping Brownie shielded in the middle.
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