Chapter 2007: A Bear Paw’s Slap (1)

    Chapter 2007: A Bear Paw's Slap (1)

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    The numbers of Rhino and his companions were far fewer than Jiang Yun Long and the human spirits with him. They quickly suffered a violent and vicious attack and the Beast Spirits had many wounds split open upon their bodies, with the scattering of their power of the spirit pushing them to fall into bitter battle.

    There were quite a number of Beast Spirits who wanted to step up to help, but according to the Spirit World's rules, Beast Spirits who still retain their beastly instincts were to be imprisoned. Hence despite the fact that they had wanted to lend a hand several times, they were held back by Jiang Yun Long who used the Spirit World's rules against them, making it impossible for them to not come forward.

    Brownie continued to roar, as Rhino and the others resisted against the enemy together. But as the disparity in numbers was just too great, the few Beast Spirits shielding Brownie were all seriously wounded, and it was clear to see that they would not be able to hold out any much longer.

    A glint of glee flashed in Jiang Yun Long's eyes, and his body morphed into a streak of dimmed light to charge straight at Brownie under the chaos of battle.

    "Don't even think of touching him!" The rhino disregarded his very own safety and crashed his bumbling body right into Jiang Yun Long. But how could the severely wounded rhino hope to be a match for Jiang Yun Long? Jiang Yun Long gripped the rhino's horn in one hand and his other hand threw a punch straight towards the rhino's head!

    In an instant, the rhino's body was smashed through and the body that was gathered power of the spirit crumbled into dust.

    This was a ominous sign of a spirit body about to be extinguished. The Beast Spirits on the street saw with their own eyes the rhino's spirit soul scatter and disperse with that strike. They could no longer tolerate it any longer and they charged forward with a roar.

    "I would like to see who dares to move?" Meng Yi Liang immediately led the human spirits to block the path of the Beast Spirits.

    "That brown bear has already harmed someone from another spirit race, and should by all reasons be punished. Those few Beast Spirits up front were trying to cover up the brown bear's crime and all of you are going to do the same? Are all of you going to disregard the rules set down by the Spirit Lord completely?" Meng Yi Liang immediately mentioned the Spirit Lord's name, to make those Beast Spirits rethink their decision.

    And on the battlefield, the scattering of the rhino's spirit soul caused Brownie to let out a roar of rage.

    At the same time that Jun Wu Xie and the others got to the scene, they were coincidentally met with the scene of Jiang Yun Long closing in on Brownie with every single step he took!

    Nalan Shan gasped in shock. The situation that met his eyes was one that went beyond anything he expected to see.

    "Damn it! What are those bunch of people trying to do! ?" Qiao Chu stared at Jiang Yun Long with his teeth tightly clenched, almost unable to hold himself back to want to rush forward to rescue Brownie out from there.

    Fei Yan and the others were similarly burning with rage.

    "All of you cannot go out." Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly rang out, causing Qiao Chu and the others to look at Jun Wu Xie in surprise.

    [We can't! ?]

    That didn't sound like something that Jun Wu Xie would say.

    Jun Wu Xie creased up her brows as she looked at the heavily surrounded Brownie, and a cold glint rose in her eyes.

    "With your current powers, what do you think you can achieve going out there?" Jun Wu Xie did not look at Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions, but the companions knew the words Jun Wu Xie said were meant for them.

    And Jun Wu Xie's words were like a bucket of ice cold water, that was splashed right onto their heads.

    The youths all lowered their heads, to stare at their hands that had not even become fully solid.

    Though they had cultivated for a period of time in the Tranquil Dream Forest, that was not enough for them to gain powers comparable to the Purple Spirit at all. Their current powers in the Spirit World were not all that different from a new spirit soul and compared to Jiang Yun Long and his men who had cultivated for such a long time in the Serene Spirit Tower, even if the companions were to charge into the fray, they would only end up being sent flying back out.

    "Are we then just going to stand here to watch them bring Brownie away?" Qiao Chu's fists were tightly clenched up. Ever since he came to the Spirit World, this was the first time he hated himself for being hopelessly powerless.
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