Chapter 2008: A Bear Paw’s Slap (2)

    Chapter 2008: A Bear Paw's Slap (2)

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    Nalan Shan standing there on the side could not wait any longer. He understood Jun Wu Xie's concerns. Even if Jun Wu Xie and her companions joined the battle, it would not have any effect at all. Nalan Shan did not hesitate any longer but charged right into the fight. He could not just stand there and watch Jiang Yun Long take Brownie away. Even if Brownie was just an ordinary Beast Spirit, he would still not be able to make himself just stand by and watch.

    He had faced loneliness for many decades and the companionship Brownie had given him throughout this period had become something he could not bear to sever.

    Seeing Nalan Shan charged into battle, Qiao Chu and the others became even more anxious.

    "Little Xie! Think of something quick!" Qiao Chu was so worried he was about to bite through his own teeth from clenching his jaws too hard.

    How long had it been since he had last felt so helpless.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and turned to Qiao Chu and her companions to say: "Rolly."

    "What?" Qiao Chu was slightly startled.

    Before Qiao Chu could understand why Jun Wu Xie would suddenly mention the Yin Yang Bear, Hua Yao had already summoned out the Double Headed Bone Snake!


    Jiang Yun Long had a cold sneer hanging from his mouth as he stared at the heavily panting Brownie. The few Beast Spirits shielding Brownie had all been severely wounded and they were lying on the ground, unable to move.

    Brownie let out a angry roar towards Jiang Yun Long, whose eyes were filled with disdain.

    "You crafty beast, I would like to see how you can escape from here today. You have nobody else here to come protect you anymore and if you cooperate and come back with me without putting up a struggle, I can make it a lot less painful for you."

    "Roar! !"

    "Tsk tsk, why must you be so uncooperative? Everything my Master is doing now is for all the Beast Spirits as well, so there is need for you to resist it so strongly. You've caused these few beasts here to lose their lives and it's all your fault." Jiang Yun Long said venomously.

    In the instant that Jiang Yun Long was about to come right before Brownie, a figure suddenly appeared right between him and Brownie!

    "Uncle Master Nalan?" Jiang Yun Long stared in surprise at Nalan Shan who had suddenly appeared right before him.

    Nalan Shan's brows were tightly knotted together as he blocked Jiang Yun Long's way towards Brownie, to stare at the surprised Jiang Yun Long.

    "This Beast Spirit here is my friend. Over the recent period, it had stayed by my side, and I can prove that it is not aggressive to other spirit bodies at all." Nalan Shan said as he looked at Jiang Yun Long warily. He did not know Jiang Yun Long well but he know that Jiang Yun Long had a personality similar to that of Wu Jiu's, who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

    "Haha....." Jiang Yun Long suddenly laughed. "Uncle Master, you words are really interesting to hear. You can prove it? Do you think just by saying it, I will have to believe you?"

    "Jiang Yun Long, I know what your motive is in capturing the bear. Even though you're now a spirit body, you must not lose the humanity in your heart. Give people a way out in everything you do." Nalan Shan gritted his teeth to say.

    "Oh? And what if I say I am not willing to give them one?" Jiang Yun Long said as he laughed softly. He then looked at Nalan Shan and said: "Master once told me that Uncle Master Nalan had not been all that hardworking in his cultivation in the past, and he had graciously let you go to the Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate. But not only had you not appreciated his kind intentions, you had instead gone against him, going around to spread slander about the good things he had done. What I would really like to know, seeing that Uncle Master Nalan views the Serene Spirit Tower with such contempt, do you have a better method of cultivation? Today would be a good time for me to ask Uncle Master Nalan to instruct me a little on it." Upon saying that, a grey mist suddenly flared out from around Jiang Yun Long's body.

    "Power of the spirit outflare....." Nalan Shan's eyes widened, as he stared in surprise at Jiang Yun Long who was shrouded in swirling grey mist!
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