Chapter 2009: A Bear Paw’s Slap (3)

    Chapter 2009: A Bear Paw's Slap (3)

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    "How is this? My Uncle Master Nalan. I hope your nephew disciple's cultivation has not disappointed my elder here? This was gained from the very same Serene Spirit Tower you hold in such contempt." The corners of Jiang Yun Long's mouth were curled up with an almost gloating smile.

    An outflare of the power of the spirit. This was the highest level of cultivation a spirit body could possibly achieve.

    And among human spirits, since ancient times, only three people had been able to achieve that.

    The first human spirit to do that was previous Spirit Master, Nalan Shan's Master.

    And the other two human spirits were just Nalan Shan and his senior fellow disciple, Wu Jiu!

    Nalan Shan and Wu Jiu had spent a few thousand years' time before they attained the ability for an outflare of the power of the spirit. For Jiang Yun Long, he had merely come to the Spirit World for less than a thousand years and regardless how highly gifted he might be, it was impossible that he would be able to achieve the level to execute an outflare of the power of the spirit!

    Nalan Shan just could not believe everything that his eyes were seeing.

    However, Jiang Yun Long did not give Nalan Shan any more time to think as he suddenly charged straight towards Nalan Shan, while throwing out an order to Meng Yi Liang at the same time.

    "Bring that brown bear away!"

    Nalan Shan wanted to save Brownie, but was completely held down by Jiang Yun Long. The two human spirits flared out their power of the spirit and the intensity of the battle caused everyone to stare stupefied and dumbfounded. And Nalan Shan quickly discovered that Jiang Yun Long's powers were not that much lower than his own, where after exchanging a few strokes, the two of them were evenly matched, with Nalan Shan unable to free himself enough to help Brownie.

    At that same moment, Meng Yi Liang was already leading the men to surround Brownie.

    The Beast Spirits fallen to the ground were still thinking to force themselves to their feet but Meng Yi Liang stomped his foot on their heads, viciously pressing the Beast Spirits on the ground.

    "Such useless beasts and you still want to resist? With the mere child's play that all of you are capable of, you think you can save the bear? How hilarious."

    The cheetah trapped under Meng Yi Liang foot let out a growl, its beastly eye glaring at Meng Yi Liang as it said through clenched jaws: "All that you've done here today, Lord Flame Dragon will definitely not spare any of you.

    "Har? Flame Dragon? What does that beast know? Do you think just by us capturing a single brown bear, the Flame Dragon will then be able to declare war upon us? Stop pulling my leg." Meng Yi Liang sneered uninhibitedly, and stomped his foot viciously upon the cheetah once more. Meng Yi Liang then gestured with his chin at the human spirits beside him, and the men pulled out two thick iron chains that were at least two finger width thick from their sleeves.

    The chains fell to the ground, and a clear clanging sounded in the air. They then dragged the heavy chains as they moved, to close in on Brownie one step at a time.

    "Roar! !" Brownie waved its powerful claws before it continuously, attempting to swipe its paws at the group of people to send them flying. But the enemies' numbers were just too great and Brownie found it hard to stand against them.

    The clanging of chains resonated as the human spirits dragged the chains out, to criss cross over Brownie's body, to restrain Brownie's movements.

    It was like wrestling with a cornered beast, as more than ten men held on to each end of the chains, to trap Brownie completely.

    "Fiesty one we have here. I'll like to see how you're going to continue to struggle." Meng Yi Liang sneered.

    "Roar! !" Brownie roared in rage, the sound exceptionally robust, that stung the eardrums of everyone around.

    That roar shot up into the skies, accompanied by Meng Yi Liang's mocking laughter, with Brownie looking so helpless.


    Suddenly, another bear's roar sounded from behind Meng Yi Liang.

    Meng Yi Liang turned his head around in bewilderment, to discover with shock a massive Yin Yang Bear with contrasting black and white fur charging straight towards him in a maniacal sprint.

    Before Meng Yi Liang was able to recover his senses, the Yin Yang Bear was already there right before him with its enormous paw raised, to take a mighty swipe at Meng Yi Liang's face!
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