Chapter 2010: A Bear Paw’s Slap (4)

    Chapter 2010: A Bear Paw's Slap (4)

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    The slap that came like a bolt out of the blue, and delivered by a massive sized Yin Yang Bear at that, Meng Yi Liang was struck completely off guard as his entire body was sent flying through the air to crash heavily into the ground by the slap.

    "Your mother, what in the world was that?" Meng Yi Liang climbed to his feet from the ground wretchedly. The corner of his mouth had split from that strike, and his cheek had deep wide gashes torn out by the Yin Yang Bear's sharp claws!

    "All of you kill that dumb beast who doesn't know who he's dealing with for me!" Meng Yi Liang screamed as he covered his cheek that was stinging with pain, as he pointed at the Yin Yang Bear.

    Several human spirits immediately released the chains they held in their hands and pounced straight towards the Yin Yang Bear.

    But before they could even get closer an inch closer to the Yin Yang Bear, a great white shadow suddenly whipped towards them, to send everyone flying in an instant!

    "Oow" No one knew from when the enormous Double Headed Bone Snake had suddenly appeared on the crowded street, it's prodigiously sized body circling an area around the Yin Yang Bear, the four eyes on its two heads staring sinisterly at the enemies around.

    "Roar! !" Another roar shot into the sky. A gigantic Great Ape came charging out from among a bunch of spirit bodies at the side. In one single leap with its powerful hind legs, the Great Ape flew high up into the air, landing with a loud boom near to Brownie. Its huge hands gripped the chain holding Brownie down and its thick and powerful arms tugged hard. With raw brute power, the Great Ape sent the bunch of human spirits holding the end of the chain flying with a mighty swing!

    In an instant, the Yin Yang Bear, the Double Headed Bone Snake, and the Great Ape stood blocking anyone from reaching Brownie, their massive bodies like three high unbreachable walls, forming into an impenetrable fortress around!

    The three Beast Spirits that had appeared so suddenly stunned Meng Yi Liang well and proper. He had not seen where three such gigantic Beast Spirits had popped out from all this time!

    What shocked Meng Yi Liang even more was that these three Beast Spirits were of such an unbelievable size. It must be known that the area they were in now was a place where only regular Beast Spirits came to. Beast Spirits of such a tremendous size had other areas catered exclusively for them. The powers of the Beast Spirits in this district were usually weaker and that was one of the reasons Meng Yi Liang and his men had dared to attempt to openly capture the brown bear out on the streets.

    So from where had these three Beast Spirits that did not belong here suddenly sprouted out from?

    Nalan Shan who was battling Jiang Yun Long had initially been burning with anxiety. But the moment he saw the Ying Yang Bear and the other two Beast Spirits appear, his heart that had jumped up to the back of his throat finally settled back down.

    Those three Beast Spirits all possessed great powers and if they were protecting Brownie, he would then be able to focus his mind on fighting Jiang Yun Long!

    In stark contrast to Nalan Shan, in the instant Jiang Yun Long saw the three Beast Spirits appear, he immediately realized things had taken a bad turn. Those three Beast Spirits were at least eighth grade Beast Spirits and it must be known that even the reigning Beast Spirit, the Flame Dragon was at the tenth grade, just two grades higher.

    In the vicinity of the Spiritual Spirit Loft, Beast Spirits who hung around were usually at most at the fifth grade. The rhino and the other defenders who had appeared earlier were all just fifth grade Beast Spirits and compared to the Double Headed Bone Snake and the other two, the disparity between their powers was just too great!

    Beast Spirits above the fifth grade, all had sizes exceeding the known norms, and they were all extraordinarily ferocious in battle!

    With the Yin Yang Bear, the Double Headed Bone Snake and the Great Ape jumping into the fight, the tide of battle had completely turned around.

    The human spirits who had been hurled through the air began standing up dizzily, but faced with three Beast Spirits whose size could block off the entire street, all of them could not help but feel their hearts sink.

    "Roar! !" The Yin Yang Bear stood upright, and let out a Heaven shaking roar at the enemies around it.

    "Damn it." Meng Yi Liang cursed. The Spiritual Bear they had finally managed to find must not be taken away from right before their eyes!
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