Chapter 2011: A Bear Paw’s Slap (5)

    Chapter 2011: A Bear Paw's Slap (5)

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    "Capture that brown bear for me right now!" Meng Yi Liang screamed.

    Tens of human spirits immediately jumped straight at the Yin Yang Bear and the other two Beast Spirits!

    However, with the Beast Spirits' advantage in size, the Yin Yang Bear and his companions did not even need to carry out any special attacks but just made use of raw brute strength to smack the puny human spirits flying away.

    The way it looked as the Beast Spirits did that, it seemed as if they were swatting away pesky flies, one human spirit with every swipe, so invigorating to see!

    The Double Headed Bone Snake's body itself was its biggest weapon. Its massive tail sweeping across the ground preventing anyone from even getting close to Brownie a single step!

    The Great Ape used its agility to its advantage, leaping around among the human spirits, its huge hands grabbing to its left and right, to pick up two human spirits and simply smashing them against each other mightily, knocking the human spirits completely unconscious.

    The three massive sized Beast Spirits assumed control over the entire battlefield. Even Meng Yi Liang was not able to stop the Great Ape's maniacal attacks and a wide safe area cleared out around Brownie.

    Jiang Yun Long wanted to detach himself to help out but Nalan Shan was not about to allow him to do that.

    "My nephew disciple, we're not done exchanging pointers and you're thinking of leaving?" Nalan Shan said as he stood in Jiang Yun Long's way, not giving any chance to take a single step away.

    The tables had turned and Jiang Yun Long hated the fact he wasn't able to tear Nalan Shan into a million shreds at that moment!

    But his powers were on a similar level to Nalan Shan's and as Nalan Shan could not get away from him earlier, he was now similarly unable to free himself from Nalan Shan's attempts to stop him.

    Without Jiang Yun Long's support, Meng Yi Liang and the other human spirit disciples were in utterly bitter and dire straits. They had completely not expected that they would encounter eighth grade Beast Spirits in this place and they were pummeled till they were screaming for their mothers.

    Meng Yi Liang was trapped on the ground under the Great Ape's foot to suffer a maniacal thrashing. The cheetah that was wounded and pressed on the ground under Meng Yi Liang's foot earlier now lay on the ground to watch Meng Yi Liang getting a good taste of his own medicine, its jaws split in a wide grin in ridicule.

    The Great Ape seemed to be intentionally humiliating Meng Yi Liang. It stepped its great foot on Meng Yi Liang's head where Meng Yi Liang was forced to take a mouthful of dirt in his mouth. His good looking face was smeared all over with dirt as well and if not for the fact that spirit bodies did not need to breathe, with that powerful foot pushing his head down into the ground, he would have suffocated to death.

    Meng Yi Liang who was completely helpless against the Great Ape's monstrous pummeling, fumbled for a pellet at his hip in between his struggling. He crushed the pellet and green smoke wafted out from the broken pellet, to rise up into the air in swirls.

    Hidden among the crowd, Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed as she stared at the swirls of green smoke.

    "He deserves it! Being pummeled good by your Great Ape." Qiao Chu was feeling highly exhilarated as he watched from the side. If not for the fact his cultivation was not up to scratch, he would have loved nothing better than to stand beside the Yin Yang Bear in battle, to thrash the entire bunch of scoundrels till they wet their pants!

    Fei Yan arched up an eyebrow. Jun Wu Xie's idea had let them find new strength. Although their powers were still insignificant, the powers of their Ring Spirits were not affected at all. As their Ring Spirits were right there in their spirit souls, all they needed to do was just to summon them out.

    "Let Rolly and the others prepare to pull back. Rescue Brownie and those few other Beast Spirits and immediately leave." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

    "Har? Pull back nw? We've nt thrashed them up good enough!" Qia Chu's face was ne of disgruntlement. He had nt liked Meng Yi Liang and Jiang Yun Long from the first instance he saw them and he wished that the Great Ape wuld pummel Meng Yi Liang even more.

    "Little Xie is right. It's time we pulled back. Meng Yi Liang has already released their signal pellet and a whole bunch of their people will be coming here soon." Rong Ruo said as she raised up her hand, a Hell Butterfly resting on her fingertip. Within that dim and dark sky, many Hell Butterflies were concealed within. Although the Hell Butterfly was not a Ring Spirit suited for melee battle, but it was the best observer over the battlefield.
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