Chapter 2012: A Bear Paw’s Slap (6)

    Chapter 2012: A Bear Paw's Slap (6)

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    This was afterall the Spirit World and the Master of Meng Yi Liang and Jiang Yun Long was somebody in there. If the companions were to leave after the human spirits bring in reinforcements, it would already be too late.

    Qiao Chu and the companions naturally understood the gravity of the situation and they did not dare to go too much overboard with the affair as they transmitted their intentions over to their Ring Spirits.

    Having already thrashed the human spirits till they could no longer climb to their feet, the Great Ape and the other two Beast Spirits immediately stopped. The Double Headed Bone Snake coiled its tail around Brownie while the Yin Yang Bear and the Great Ape each carried two injured Beast Spirits to scuttle their way away from the place.

    Jiang Yun Long saw that the Spiritual Bear that had almost been in his grasp was about to escape, and his heart burned with anxiety, but he was not able to get away from Nalan Shan, causing him to grit his teeth in hatred.

    Nalan Shan saw Brownie being brought away to safety and he finally heaved a sigh in relief. In order to buy more time for Brownie to retreat, he continued to engage Jiang Yun Long persistently.

    On the street, the Beast Spirits who had been forced to stay back immediately could not help but cheer when they saw that scene. They did not have strong powers and were not able to stand up for those of their own race. But when they saw Brownie being rescued, they were happier than anyone else.

    "Go chase that bear down!" Jiang Yun Long roared in frustration.

    Meng Yi Liang endured the excruciating pain and climbed to his feet, leading a bunch of heavily injured men to attempt pursuit. But the surrounding Beast Spirits spectating at the side were not about to allow the human spirits to do as they wanted this time as they all stood blocking Meng Yi Liang's way.

    "All of you get out of my way!" Meng Yi Liang shouted at the group of Beast Spirits.

    But not a single one of those Beast Spirits took a step away but remained there right before Meng Yi Liang and his men.

    Seeing with their own eyes the figure of the Double Headed Bone Snake getting further and further away and gradually disappearing from the crowded street, Meng Yi Liang grew anxious but was however unable to push away the Beast Spirits in front of them.

    Seeing the Spiritual Bear that they had captured escaping like that, Jiang Yun Long was almost about to blow his top. He narrowed his eyes to stare at Nalan Shan and said angrily: "Nalan Shan! This is all your doing! Since you're so keen on sticking your nose in, I will not show you any mercy!"

    Upon saying that, Jiang Yun Long's attack speed increased greatly, the rage and hatred from losing the Spiritual Bear vented right upon Nalan Shan.

    Jun Wu Xie saw that the Double Headed Bone Snake had already left from the place and her heart settled a little.

    "That Jiang Yun Long doesn't look like he intends to let Nalan Shan off. What do we do? I can see that Nalan Shan doesn't seem to be able to shake him off either and it will not be easy to get away from him." Qiao Chu's fists were tightly clenched. Though Brownie had escaped, but in order for Brownie and the other to run away, Nalan Shan was now hopelessly entangled with Jiang Yun Long. It would not be long before Jiang Yun Long's reinforcements would arrive and if Nalan Shan was captured, it was feared he would have to suffer punishment.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her hand up and removed the Mask of Selvan from her ear. The Mask of Selvan had acknowledged its Master and after Jun Wu Xie gained her solid body, she was able to use it.

    "You guys leave first." Jun Wu Xie said to Qiao Chu and the others.

    Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions did not dare ask and immediately turned to run off in the direction the Double Headed Bone Snake had gone.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Nalan Shan who was locked in bitter battle with Jiang Yun Long, and then quietly tossed the Mask of Selvan up into the air.

    Under that dim and dark sky, no one noticed that tiny white speck at all.

    Just as Jiang Yun Long and Nalan Shan were battling endlessly, something strange seemed to be happening under that dim and dark sky. A strange sound than rang out from the above the heads of all the spirits!

    Meng Yi Liang raised his head, and he could faintly see something that seemed to be moving in the sky, but it was too dark to make out clearly.

    Suddenly, a vine shot down in descent from the sky, which whipped onto Meng Yi Liang, causing him to fall to the ground!

    Right thereafter, countless vines descended, like dense heavy rain that struck hard upon the ground!
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