Chapter 2013: A Bear Paw’s Slap (7)

    Chapter 2013: A Bear Paw's Slap (7)

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    The vines that lashed down from the skies were too numerous and Meng Yi Liang and his men were defenceless against them.

    Many vines also shot in between Jiang Yun Long and Nalan Shan, twisting up and forcefully separating the two.

    Jiang Yun Long stared at the strange vines in surprise. He had never seen such vines in the Spirit World before, the tenacity of the vines stronger than he had imagined. He delivered a chop onto the vines with his hand but he was unable to damage the vines in the slightest.

    Nalan Shan was equally surprised but he quickly discovered that those vines did not seem to be hostile to him. Not only that, those vines were instead surrounding his body, and blocking all of Jiang Yun Long's attacks!

    Suddenly! A thick and strong vine curled around Nalan Shan's waist. Nalan Shan instinctively felt that the vine would not harm him and he did not take any action.

    That vine then hauled Nalan Shan high up into the air. Jiang Yun Long wanted to go in pursuit but countless vines crisscrossed in a weave right in front of him to form a enclosed prison around him!

    In just a blink, in the dim and dark sky, the figure of Nalan Shan disappeared from sight, and those vines retracted back up towards the Heavens right after.....

    That strange scene happened right before the eyes of all the spirit souls. No one could explain where those vines had actually come from. If they had not seen it for themselves, it would be hard for any one of them to believe that vines would rain down from the skies, and they were vines with a mind of their own at that.

    The Spiritual Bear had escaped, and even Nalan Shan did not know who had rescued it.

    The consecutive setbacks caused Jiang Yun Long's face to turn dark as thunder. As Wu Jiu's First Disciple, he had never suffered such setbacks and on this day, it had actually happened twice in quick succession, which dealt a huge blow to Jiang Yun Long's heart!

    "Eldest Senior!" Meng Yi Liang climbed up from the ground wretchedly, his entire body covered in dust and soil, an extremely sorry sight to look at.

    He had first been maniacally pummeled by the Great Ape, then he had been properly whipped by the strange vines. His body was feeling so much pain everywhere from head to toe that he felt as if he was about to fall apart.

    "Eldest Senior, about that brown bear, it escaped..... What do we do now?" Meng Yi Liang could not afford to care about the pain on his body at that moment. Having let the Spiritual Bear escape once again, he really didn't know how he was going to face his Master.

    "It was obvious that Nalan Shan was acquainted with that brown bear. As it is said, the monks might be able to run but the monastery still remains. The brown bear might not be easy to find but where could Nalan Shan run off too? Once we find Nalan Shan, I do not believe that we will not be able to dig out the brown bear's location." Jiang Yun Lng said with his face dark. Today's utter humiliation must definitely be paid back.

    "That damned Nalan Shan just loves to go against Master. Master should not be so benevolent to spare him." Meng Yi Liang said maliciously.

    Jiang Yun Long furrowed up his brows. "Go back first."

    "Yes." Meng Yi Liang nodded his head, and followed behind Jiang Yun Long to leave.

    And the surrounding spectating crowd that witnessed everything had varied thoughts in their minds. The scene where vines descended down from the Heavens had been carved into many of the spirit's hearts.

    The Beast Spirits were silently praising what they saw today. No matter who it was, as long as Jiang Yun Long was made to swallow failure, they would be happy.

    And the Plant Spirits were even more ecstatic than the Beast Spirits. Although they did not know where those vines had come from, but just seeing the type of vine would tell anyone that that was a plant. Having not been able to see the real contenance, they were all secretly thinking whether another powerful plant spirit had appeared among them.

    Only the Weapon Spirits were calm from start till end.

    A single battle had already dragged the human spirits, Beast Spirits and Plant Spirits into the mess. And all of this, was merely just the very beginning.
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