Chapter 2014: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (1)

    Chapter 2014: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (1)

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    Nalan Shan did not know where he was as he was dragged along by the vines, feeling that the vines seemed to want to bring him somewhere. Because he did not think that the vines were hostile and they had saved him, he allowed the vines to pull him along.

    From the busy street to go towards the tranquil and thick forest, the vines slowly descended. Nalan Shan looked at the several familiar figures standing in the forest and his eyes rose with a trace of surprise.

    Jun Wu Xie raised a hand slightly, to summon the Face of Selvan down.

    The vines brought Nalan Shan down to the ground, and then shrank down to turn into a tiny bright speck as it fell into Jun Wu Xie's hand.

    Nalan Shan stared in surprise at Jun Wu Xie, his gaze slowly falling upon everything behind Jun Wu Xie.

    Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang stood on one side, and the Beast Spirits that had been rescued together with Brownie were sprawled upon the grass in rest, but the three Beast Spirits who saved Brownie were now nowhere in sight.

    "It was all of you who lent a hand to save us?" Nalan Shan had never thought that the person who saved him would be Jun Wu Xie.

    Afterall, Jun Wu Xie and her companions were all just new soul spirits.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Nalan Shan then laughed and said: "I am really thankful."

    Nalan Shan was smart and he did not ask where the vines had come from and did not enquire a word about the location of the three Beast Spirits, but merely sincerely expressed his gratitude.

    "There's no need to stand on ceremony with us. Whoever that Jiang Yun Long is and that whatever Meng Yi Liang, one look at them and I feel like bashing them up. To have been able to have them beaten up, all of us were happy to do it." Qiao Chu said with a easy laugh.

    Nalan Shan nodded his head, and went walking over towards Brownie.

    Four injured Beast Spirits were lying beside Brownie, and Nalan Shan's approach immediately made them become wary. Although Nalan Shan had fought to save Brownie, they had not forgotten what kind of relationship Nalan Shan and Wu Jiu shared.

    Sensing the Beast Spirits' guarded wariness, Nalan Shan's steps paused, and he did not go walking up to them rashly.

    "Are all of you alright? I have some medicine for wounds here." Nalan Shan took out a bottle of medicine, and tossed it over to the cheetah.

    The cheetah used its claw to nudge the bottle a little, before it raised its head to look at Nalan Shan cautiously.

    "I mean no harm. I know what all of you are worried about. The ties between Wu Jiu and I has already turned to one of animosity and if not for Wu Xie's rescue, I might really have fallen under Jiang Yun Long's hands today." Nalan Shan explained patiently.

    The few Beast Spirits were still rather guarded but Brownie just climbed to its feet and stretched out a paw to pick up Nalan Shan's bottle of medicine before it nodded its head thankfully at Nalan Shan.

    Nalan Shan smiled.

    "Why did they want to capture Brownie? Because of the Spiritual Bear? But from the way that fella looks, it does not seem to be all that powerful." Qiao Chu said as he rubbed his chin, staring at the dumb looking Brownie, seemingly not as magnificent looking as his Yin Yang Bear.

    Those Beast Spirits were initially rather guaraded. But when they heard Qiao Chu's words, their eyes suddenly showed a despairing look in them. They seemed to relax their guard a little as the cheetah said.

    "That bunch of scoundrels had captured our Spiritual Bear before this. As the Spiritual Bear power of the spirit was severely damaged, it did not even have the ability to open its mouth to talk anymore, the current state it's in now caused by the severe injuries it suffered as well. We thank all of you here for lending a hand to us today to save us, and I hereby thank you." The cheetah forced itself to its feet, its head slightly lowered, while the other three Beast Spirits made a gesture to show their gratitude as well.

    "Hey, there's no need for thanks. We do not care what Brownie really is. Since it is one of our companions, we would naturally not allow ourselves to just watch Brownie being bullied without doing anything." Qiao Chu quickly said.
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