Chapter 2015: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (2)

    Chapter 2015: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (2)

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    Qiao Chu's words warmed the hearts of those few Beast Spirits and the last sliver of guard melted away in their hearts.

    "It is also the Spiritual Bear's fortune that it came to meet all of you." The cheetah said with a sigh as it turned its gaze over to look at Brownie who was trying very hard to open the medicine bottle.

    Brownie then raised its head, to look at the cheetah with a blank look on its face, like it did not understand what the cheetah was saying.

    Jun Wu Xie watched the entire scene and one big question rose up in her mind.

    Seeing how these Beast Spirits had shielded Brownie with no regard to their own safety, it could basically already be ascertained that Brownie was the Spiritual Bear almost without a doubt, but Brownie's appearance was completely different from what Nalan Shan had described.

    "Tell us, why was Brownie captured before?" Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to ask.

    The cheetah heaved a sigh, and his eyes flashed thickly with hatred.

    "Not long after our previous Spiritual Bear leader fell, a new Spiritual Bear descended, which is this bear you call Brownie. The Spiritual Bear has just appeared and is still very weak, and because the fall of the last Spiritual Bear happened under rather strange circumstances, we did not dare raise any fanfare when we discovered Brownie's identity, but to wait for it to mature in its cultivation. But not long after, we didn't know how Wu Jiu came to hear the news and knew that the Spiritual Bear had appeared and he led a group of human spirits to forcefully take the Spiritual Bear away."

    "We were to be blamed as well. The fact that the Spiritual Bear's had appeared was not made known to our Lord Flame Dragon and when Wu Jiu took the Spiritual Bear away, he only said he was doing it under the Spirit Lord's orders, so we did not think too much about it. But as time went by, we began to feel that something was wrong. We did not see the Spiritual Bear again despite the fact we asked Wu Jiu to let us meet the Spiritual Bear, we were rejected with all sorts of reasons. We had no choice but to investigate into the matter covertly after that and we found the Spiritual Bear in the end. We discovered that the Spiritual Bear had actually been imprisoned, and his power of the spirit had become weaker than when he had first descended upon us!" The weak and frail state of the Spiritual Bear brought great unease to the Beast Spirits and they demanded for the Spiritual Bear from Wu Jiu many times, but were flatly rejected repeatedly. Left with no other choice, they finally mobilized a large group of Beast Spirits and forcibly rescued the Spiritual Bear. But the defences Wu Jiu had set up had been extremely strong and although they managed to save the Spiritual Bear, they paid a high price for it, and they lost track of the Spiritual Bear in the midst of the chaotic battle, not knowing where it had gone.

    Over the recent period, the cheetah and its companions had been searching for the Spiritual Bear and they had coincidentally stumbled onto the commotion in the Spiritual Spirit Loft today and fought to defend the Spiritual Bear.

    "Where did you find the Spiritual Bear?" Nalan Shan felt that something did not sound right the more he listened. The way Wu Jiu was doing things had far exceeded the extent of his authority. Confinement of the Spiritual Bear. If it was found out by the Spirit Lord, Wu Jiu would definitely be punished.

    The Spiritual Bear held great significance to the Beast Spirits and the slightest misstep might very well cause the Beast Spirits to rise in rage. So the Spirit Lord would definitely not allow Wu Jiu to do something like this which showed no consideration for the consequences.

    The cheetah drew in a deep breath before he said: "The fourth Serene Spirit Tower."

    "What? The fourth Serene Spirit Tower?" Nalan Shan's eyes stared incredulously.

    The cheetah nodded its head. "It wasn't long ago that Wu Jiu's underlings released news that they were going to build the fourth Serene Spirit Tower and that this Serene Spirit Tower would not just serve the human spirits alone but open to all other spirit races to go in to cultivate."

    Jun Wu Xie's brows knitted together. She had merely stayed just a while in the Serene Spirit Tower the last time and it had already brought so much harm upon the little black cat. The Serene Spirit Tower was completely not a place that other spirit races could cultivate in and Wu Jiu was suddenly wanting to build the fourth Serene Spirit Tower that allowed the other spirit races to access. This was a point that made Jun Wu Xie thought she could smell the scent of a conspiracy brewing.
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