Chapter 2016: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (3)

    Chapter 2016: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (3)

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    Nalan Shan had similarly detected the abnormality. He had researched into the Serene Spirit Tower for so long and no one knew the dangers of the Serene Spirit Tower more that he did.

    According to Nalan Shan's investigation, once one's power of the spirit was raised to a certain peak, they would disappear, and those spirit souls who had disappeared could very possibly have become sacrificial victims of the enormous Spirit Fire on the twelfth level.

    From the looks of Jiang Yun Long's powers today, Nalan Shan was guessing that the time of Jiang Yun Long's "disappearance" would not be much further off.

    The Serene Spirit Tower was not a place for cultivation at all, but a slaughterhouse instead. For all the human spirits cultivating in there, they were just like meatstock reared within the Serene Spirit Tower, waiting till their powers become sufficient before they became the Spirit Fire's "food".

    Nalan Shan completely could not understand why Wu Jiu wanted to build the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Because the human spirits that had disappeared from the Serene Spirit Tower were all powerful spirits who once carried the position and identity of Wu Jiu's First Disciple. With what Wu Jiu was doing, it was just amounting to him diminishing his own sources of power.

    There were all just Nalan Shan's deductions and whether they were completely correct was still not known. But no matter what, the Serene Spirit Towers were still an extremely dangerous existence.

    "Where is the fourth Serene Spirit Tower?" Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to ask. The little black cat's frail condition had stemmed from the Serene Spirit Tower but Jun Wu Xie was no longer able to go into the Serene Spirit Tower to look into the place anymore, but an uncompleted Serene Spirit Tower would coincidentally be what she could investigate closely into.

    "It's in the forest in the north." The cheetah said.

    "What's the extent of its construction?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

    "It's half constructed, and the progress seemed to have halted recently again. It was after we rescued the Spiritual Bear that the construction of the Serene Spirit Tower suddenly slowed by quite a bit." The cheetah answered truthfully.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. She must definitely go look into the situation at that Serene Spirit Tower.

    "Do all of you here have any place you can go? If not, why don't you stay at my place temporarily?" Nalan Shan said, looking at the cheetah.

    The cheetah considered it for a moment before it nodded its head.

    "I think that you will not be able to return to the Tranquil Dream Forest for the time being." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Why?" Nalan Shan was a little puzzled.

    Jun Wu Xie said: "Since Jiang Yun Long and the others know you, they would naturally know where you live. Brownie just escaped from under their noses and they would surely not let the matter rest so easily. Since they are unable to find Brownie, they would definitely come seeking trouble with you."

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused Nalan Shan to awaken from his stupor. Wu Jiu's longing to possess the Spiritual Bear was extremely strong and he would not let go of any opportunity to find the Spiritual Bear.

    "Why don't you go seek the Flame Dragon?" Listening at the side, Qiao Chu could not help but feel curious. Although he had never met the Flame Dragon, but his magical artifact was the Flame Dragon Gauntlets. Since a magical artifact forged from the Flame Dragon's scales could be so powerful, then the Flame Dragon itself would naturally be much more powerful.

    The cheetah shook its head. "It's not that we do not want to seek out Lord Flame Dragon, but it's just that Wu Jiu has placed his people in ambush outside Lord Flame Dragon's cave and the moment we get close, we fear that we will be captured before we can see our Lord Flame Dragon."

    As Wu Jiu increasingly gained the favour of the Spirit Lord, the power he held in his hands grew bigger and bigger, having already surpassed the position of the other spirit races.

    "Not going to seek the Flame Dragon is the right thing to do." Jun Wu Xie then opened her mouth to say. She did not believe that the Spirit Lord could possibly be completely unaware of the matter regarding the Spiritual Bear. It was feared that the fact that Wu Jiu dared to come out to capture the Spiritual Bear so brazenly meant that the Spirit Lord had silently consented to it.
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