Chapter 2017: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (4)

    Chapter 2017: The Fourth Serene Spirit Tower (4)

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    Even if the Flame Dragon knew that Brownie was the Spirit Bear, and also knew that Wu Jiu was intending to capture the Spiritual Bear, it was feared once the Spirit Lord stepped forward, even the Flame Dragon would not be able to protect Brownie.

    In the Spirit World, the Spirit Lord held absolute power and no one would be able to go against the Spirit Lord who created the Spirit World itself.

    "Then what are we to do now?" The cheetah face looked to be at a loss. Although they had found Brownie, but their identities had been exposed, hence it would be impossible for them to return back to their own caves anymore. As for Nalan Shan's house, it was thought that it was not any better.

    "We go to the fourth Serene Spirit Tower." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "What? Go to the fourth Serene Spirit Tower? What kind of a joke are you making! ? It had been so hard for the Spiritual Bear to escape from that place, how could we let it go back there! ?" The cheetah immediately became flustered.

    Jun Wu Xie gazed calmly at the cheetah who was jumping with rage and said: "At times, the most dangerous place is instead the safest place to be. Since Wu Jiu will have sent out many human spirits to locate all of you all over the place, the defence around the fourth Serene Spirit Tower will be diminished. He will never ever guess that any of you will dare go there."

    "What Wu Xie says sounds reasonable. I will go there with you. If anything happens, I will do everything possible to let Brownie escape safely." Nalan Shan said, agreeing with Jun Wu Xie's words.

    The few Beast Spirits were still rather worried but after thinking about it for awhile, they decided that Jun Wu Xie's method was the safest and most effective way, and they accepted the suggestion.

    "I can't go back to the Tranquil Dream Forest anymore. Regarding the cultivation for all of you....." Nalan Shan said hesitantly, as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    "We have already grasped the method you taught us." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Nalan Shan's cultivation method was highly simple. After having gained an initial understanding of it, constant close guidance was not required.

    Once the decision was made, Nalan Shan immediately went on to make preparations, and then led Brownie and the other Beast Spirits to make their way towards the fourth Serene Spirit Tower where they hid themselves somewhere near to it.

    Jun Wu Xie and her companions then went back to their homes. Towards the things that had happened today, Jun Wu Xie just could not shake off a strange nagging feeling in her heart.

    Spirit Fire that constantly grew, human spirits that went missing and the Spiritual Bear who had been imprisoned under the fourth Serene Spirit Tower. Everything and anything about all of it seemed to be foretelling the dangers that was to come. To want to resolve all doubts about the entire thing, the only way was to seek the way from the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Jun Wu Xie related everything that happened to Jun Wu Yao completely. Jun Wu Yao just listened quietly throughout and pondered deeply for quite a while, before a strange glint flashed within his eyes.

    "You want to to look into the fourth Serene Spirit Tower?" Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie and asked.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. "I cannot allow Little Black to continue to remain so frail. In order to completely solve Little Black's problem, I need to find the answer from the Serene Spirit Tower."

    A faint smile curled up the edges of Jun Wu Yao's lips and he stretched his hands out to embrace Jun Wu Xie in his arms.

    "Just go do anything you want to do."

    It was about time that he went to see his "old friends" in the Spirit World.

    After Nalan Shan went into hiding, Jun Wu Xie and the rest of the companions did not give up on their cultivation. They made their way to the Tranquil Dream Forest bright and early the next morning. For the period they had been in the vast Tranquil Dream Forest before, they had always been the only few human spirits. But today, outside the Tranquil Dream Forest, Jun Wu Xie spotted a group of human spirits dressed in the same uniform as what Meng Yi Liang wore, seeing those human spirits hovering just outside the Tranquil Dream Forest. Jun Wu Xie and the others quietly made their way to Nalan Shan's house to see, and as expected, outside Nalan Shan's house, they saw many human spirits guarding the place.
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