Chapter 2018: I Trust You’ve Been Well (1)

    Chapter 2018: I Trust You've Been Well (1)

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    "This bunch of bastards move rather quickly don't they?" Qiao Chu whispered as he crouched like a cat behind the bushes to look at the human spirits pacing back and forth around Nalan Shan's house.

    "They have their hearts set on capturing Brownie. Little Xie, can you guess why they are so determined to catch Brownie?" Similarly a fluffy "furnatic", Fan Zhuo stared at the human spirits through narrowed eyes. As his own Ring Spirit was a Weapons Spirit, and just when the furry Brownie allowed him to stroke it as much as Fan Zhuo liked, just seeing these human spirits who were seeking to harm Brownie made Fan Zhuo highly displeased.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. She had thought it through the entire night, but still could not fathom the reason behind it. Nalan Shan had mentioned before that Wu Jiu did not go to the Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate himself and the highly robust power of the spirit in the Serene Spirit Tower with the constantly growing Spirit Fire did not seem to be an existence that could bring power to human spirits no matter how she looked at it.

    Wu Jiu's powers had not grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and it did not look like he was using the powers of others to turn it into power that increased his might.

    Then why did Wu Jiu want to build the Serene Spirit Towers? Why was he still choosing to do that even when he had to sacrifice his own disciples?

    "I had not thought that even the Spirit World would also be so turbulent." Rong Ruo said with a heavy sigh.

    The companions observed for a little while more, before the went into the forest to rest.

    At that same moment, a shadowy figure silently passed fleetingly through the Spirit World's sky. Under that dim sky, no one saw a single trace of the shadow's passing.

    Within a little house within a forest, the Spirit Master was kneeling inside the house. Upon the low table before him, was place a wooden box. In that box, it contained some broken crystal shards, and the SPirit Master stared at the crystal shards for a rather long time.

    "Grandmaster, hasn't the Spirit Lord agreed to see you?" A little disciple at the side could not help but feel worried when he saw the Spirit Master looking so dejected.

    The Spirit Master lifted his head and looked at the scenery outside the window, his eyes filled with worry as he shook his head.

    "The Spirit Lord is still not willing to see me."

    Ever since the day after the crystal broke, the Spirit Master had immediately gone to seek an audience with the Spirit Lord, never expecting that they would close the door on his nose.

    "Why is Grandmaster not willing to let Spirit Master, Wu Jiu go have a chat with the Spirit Lord?" The little bunny still did not understand everything.

    The Spirit Master however waved his hand dismissively and the little disciples did not dare to ask too much while they quietly retreated away.

    There was only the Spirit Master in the room and in that empty room, the Spirit Master gave a heavy sigh.

    All of a sudden, a gust of cold wind blew past his face and in the instant the Spirit Master raised up his head, he immediately discovered a towering figure had appeared within his room without anyone knowing.

    When the Spirit Master's eyes met that pair of all too familiar violet eyes, his heart suddenly felt as if it had stopped for a moment!

    The Spirit Master's hands trembled helplessly as not even in his dreams would he have thought that he would see this person again.

    Jun Wu Yao arched up an eyebrow to look at the stunned Spirit Master and the corners of his mouth curled up into a sinister smile. He walked slowly over to a chair at the side to sit down, his long slender legs crossed gracefully, his arms resting upon the armrests nonchalantly.

    "Long time no see, Spirit Master. I trust you've been well?"

    The voice he had not heard for a thousand years rang once again in the Spirit Master's ears, and his heart filled with fear. At that very moment, his mind completely collapsed.The Spirit Master fell back to sit on the ground in panic as he stared at the man who was like a nightmare.

    "Dark Emperor....." The Spirit Master's voice sounded like it had been caught, his gaze shifty, not daring to look directly into that pair of violet eyes.

    It was one fine day a thousand years agos that the Dark Emperor set foot into the Spirit World, who completely shattered the tranquility in the Spirit World. With absolute might, he had suppressed all spirit bodies in the Spirit World and even the Spirit Lord had not been able to make him lower his head and submit.
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