Chapter 2019: I Trust You’ve Been Well (2)

    Chapter 2019: I Trust You've Been Well (2)

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    Before Jun Wu Yao, the Spirit Master could not summon up the tiniest bit of courage. The two words Dark Emperor was like a curse, branded deep into his heart.

    "What? Haven't seen you for quite awhile and you've become so timid? This is so unlike that Spirit Master who pitted himself against me back then." Jun Wu Yao looked at the Spirit Master nonchalantly, his eyes tinged with a teasing smile. He raised up a hand and shook his finger lightly, to make a cup of fine wine materialize in his hand with the power of the spirit in his hand. He took a whiff of the wine's fragrance, his eyes narrowed, looking so sinister it sent chills into one's heart.

    The Spirit Master's throat went mute. Jun Wu Yao's words brought back memories of the past and they were not all that beautiful.

    "I heard that after that time, you gave up your position as the Spirit Master? What? The Spirit Master I knew then had really become so cowardly?" Jun Wu Yao said as he looked smilingly at the Spirit Master. In the Spirit World, the only two entities he remembered were only the Spirit Lord and the Spirit Master. Spirit souls that could make Jun Wu Yao still remember them after a thousand years could not possibly just be any simple entities that existed.

    The corners of the Spirit Master's mouth then rose into a bitter smile.

    "A Spirit Master should look out for the safety of the entire Spirit World but I did not even notice anything when you appeared back then, causing us to miss the most opportune time for us to defend ourselves. I caused the Spirit World to fall into your evil hands and it showed my incompetency. Since I committed such a grave mistake, how could I possibly still have the cheek to continue to assume the position of Spirit Master?"

    "Oh? So that's why you gave up your position of Spirit Master to that disciple of yours? What? You feel that he is more suitable to be the Spirit Master than you?" Jun Wu Yao asked, his chin cradled in his palm.

    The Spirit Master's face changed. He had naturally known who Jun Wu Yao was talking about.

    Jun Wu Yao did not wait for the Spirit Master to say anything but went on to say: "Back then in this Spirit World, there were no more than a few spirits that could even capture my attention, and you were one of them. I can still vaguely remember that you were beaten by me till your soul was almost about to disperse and scatter but you still stood before that little brat and shielded him, so stalwart and righteous that it was astounding. I had thought that you would never submit to force, but it seems I have judged wrongly. That all you've amounted to in the end." Jun Wu Yao's eyes flashed with a contemptuous glint.

    The Spirit Master was pricked by Jun Wu Yao's words and his entire body stiffened. His jaws were clenched when he looked at Jun Wu Yao, forcibly suppressing the grief and indignation in his heart.

    Jun Wu Yao did not see his indignant hatred at all, his eyes looking upon a wooden box at the side.

    "Look likes you have learnt something afterall. You should have already discovered that I have come before this right? Why have you not gone to notify your Spirit Lord and prepare yourselves properly?" Jun Wu Yao said with a smile.

    The shade on the Spirit Master's face was becoming uglier and uglier.

    "The Spirit Lord refuses to see me."

    "Is that so?" Jun Wu Yao said with a light laugh.

    "The Spirit Lord that trusted you in everything in the past has now begun to despise you? Or should it be said that your disciple has gained his favour more? Unfortunately, your disciple does not seem to really remember this Master of his all that well."

    "Dark Emperor! You came all the way here to look for me. What is it that you really want to tell me! ?" The Spirit Master asked loudly as he glared at Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao shrugged his shoulders.

    "Just catching up with an old friend for old time's sake."

    "I do you think that you and I could be termed as friends." The Spirit Master retorted.

    "As long as I consider that we are, then it is fact." Jun Wu Yao arched up an eyebrow, to say in a surprisingly overbearing tone.

    "Forget it. Since you do not wish to chat, I will be straightforward with you. I came to find you here today because I want to ask you, what is really going on with those Serene Spirit Towers that your beloved disciple suggested to be built?" Jun Wu Yao asked, his eyes narrowed.

    "Serene Spirit Towers....." When the Spirit Master heard those three words, his eyes suddenly flashed with a tinge of restraint before he then said with feigned indifference.

    "I do not know what Serene Spirit Towers are. I went into seclusion a thousand years ago and I do not know anything about what Wu Jiu had done."
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