Chapter 2020: I Trust You’ve Been Well (3)

    Chapter 2020: I Trust You've Been Well (3)

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    "Oh?" The ends of Jun Wu Yao's lips then curled up with sinister mirth. He raised a hand slightly, and then hooked up his finger towards the Spirit Master lightly.

    Suddenly, a stream of black mist shot out of Jun Wu Yao's finger to curl around the Spirit Master's neck, and lifted the Spirit Master off his feet.

    "I have no interest in hearing your lies. I only need to hear things that I want to know."

    Spirit bodies did not need to breathe but that stream of devil spirit energy still brought great agony upon the Spirit Master. His face turned gradually green and his body was wrecked with uncontrollable spasms.

    "I..... do..... not..... know..... Anything....." The Spirit Master squeezed out those few words through tightly clenched teeth.

    Jun Wu Yao was not flustered, but just looked at the Spirit Master with an indiscernible smile.

    "How laughable. Your disciple is seeking to do something to destroy the Spirit World and you are trying to conceal it for him. This is what you have degraded into?"

    The Spirit Master's entire being quaked. He stared at Jun Wu Yao in disbelief.

    Jun Wu Yao opened his mouth just a little and said some words to the Spirit Master that he would never forget throughout his life.

    When Jun Wu Yao's voice fell, he then waved his devil spirit away and the Spirit Master fell down to sit on the floor, his face suddenly haggard and filled with shock. Endless terror surged in his eyes as he clutched at his chest and he raised his head to stare at Jun Wu Yao in shock, his trembling lips stuttering out words brokenly.

    "What..... What you said..... is..... is the truth? You are not lying to me?"

    "Jun Wu Yao then laughed and said: "Are you even qualified to have me lie to you?"

    The shade on the Spirit Master's face turned pale, the words Jun Wu Yao said reverberating in his head, words that he would not be able to forget.

    "If what you said is true, then back at the time when you fell, it was the work of the same group of people?"

    Jun Wu Yao nodded slightly.

    "No wonder..... I see....." The Spirit Master mumbled to himself, and after a moment, he then said: "About the Serene Spirit Tower, I do not know much about them. It was all done under Wu Jiu's suggestion. Wu Jiu was originally one of my disciples, highly intelligent and incredibly gifted. Back when I had yet to pass down my position as the Spirit Master to him, he was a dutiful disciple. But not long after I handed down the position to him, he suddenly seemed to change into a completely different person. He suggested to the Spirit Lord to build the Serene Spirit Towers and I did not feel that there was anything wrong at first. I just thought that he had developed a new way of cultivation until later when my Second Disciple Nalan Shan came to seek me out, and told me that the Serene Spirit Towers were not as safe as they looked on the surface."

    "I went to the Serene Spirit Tower myself once, and found the things there to be very strange. The runes that filled the inside of the tower held a peculiar kind of power. That power was able to incite Spirit Fire, causing the Spirit Fire to constantly release power of the spirit at its greatest limit, and the runes within the Serene Spirit Tower would guide all that power of the spirit to enter directly into a spirit body, regardless of whether you are willing to accept it or not."

    The Spirit Master drew in a deep breath. He had not wanted to speak about the Serene Spirit Tower because that was something that went beyond his level of understanding and not because he wanted to cover for Wu Jiu.

    "I really do not know what is happening in the Serene Spirit Towers but the one thing I can tell you is that every single brick used to build the Serene Spirit Towers are inscribed with spell runes, and all those runes were carved into the bricks under Wu Jiu's orders. Only he would know the real purpose behind those runes."
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