Chapter 2021: I Trust You’ve Been Well (4)

    Chapter 2021: I Trust You've Been Well (4)

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    After the Spirit Master discovered the peculiarity of the Serene Spirit Tower, he had gone to see Wu Jiu. But Wu Jiu no longer showed him any respect and the Spirit Master had noticed a hidden side of darkness in Wu Jiu. This was something that the Spirit Master had not noticed before and it was clear by then that the Master disciple relationship between them had truly died at that moment.

    "Truth to be told, when I discovered your arrival here in the Spirit World earlier, I had wanted to report it to the Spirit Lord in the first instance. Unfortunately, the Spirit Lord is now not even willing to see me at all. I do not know how Wu Jiu managed to achieve it but I can be certain of one thing. The trust the Spirit Lord has in him has long surpassed me." The Spirit Master lamented with a bitter smile hovering at the edges of his lips. Having brought up such a white eyes wolf who had turned around to bite the hand that fed him, a bite that tore his flesh right off, so painful there were no tears as he cried.

    Jun Wu Yao listened quietly till the Spirit Master finished, and he was silent for quite a long while before he slowly got up, and was about to leave.

    Looking at the man who had once brought him endless nightmares, the Spirit Master could no longer hold himself back but ask: "Dark Emperor! You know of a way don't you? Are you able to stop all of this?"

    Jun Wu Yao did not turn around. With his back to the Spirit Master, he said.


    After saying that, Jun Wu Yao then left.

    The Spirit Master was left kneeling on the floor, his heart not relieved in the slightest by Jun Wu Yao's departure, but felt great despair swirling strongly in his heart.

    [Is there really no way to turn things back around?]


    Jiang Yun Long sent his men to keep watch in the Tranquil Dream Forest for many days, but still did not see any sign of Nalan Shan, which frustrated him greatly.

    Losing the Spiritual Bear had thrown his Master, Wu Jiu into a rage where even his fellow disciples were also under great pressure. For the past few days, the shade of Jiang Yun Long's face had not been pretty and Meng Yi Liang who followed at his side had to tread very carefully.

    "Eldest Senior, was Master really very angry this time?" Meng Yi Liang asked Jiang Yun Long fearfully, his head shrunk into his shoulders.

    Jiang Yun Long furrowed his brows and said coldly: "If the Spiritual Bear is not found, then the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower cannot continue, so Master is naturally angry."

    "But, haven't we already sent out so many of our people to look for the Spiritual Bear and Nalan Shan? And we still have not received any news....." Meng Yi Liang said.

    "No news means they've failed. If we are still unable to find Nalan Shan quickly, then we will not be able to locate the Spiritual Bear. When the time comes, both you and I will have have to face consequences more than we can swallow!" The expression on Jiang Yun Long's face was looking rather ugly.

    Meng Yi Liang became more nervous. Afterall, he had also been present when they lost the Spiritual Bear.

    "Has there been any news from the men watching the Tranquil Dream Forest?"

    Meng Yi Liang nodded.

    "Nalan Shan is just too sly. I think that he was most probably already in cahoots with those Beast Spirits and the three Beast Spirits with the Double Headed Bone Snake must have been brought in by him!"

    Jiang Yun Long then said: "There is no use in talking about that now. We must mobilize all our might and no matter how we do it, we must find Nalan Shan as quickly as possible!"

    "Yes!" Meng Yi Liang quickly said. He then suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up.

    "Eldest Senior! I might know a particular human spirit who could possibly know where Nalan Shan had gone!"


    "Jun Wu Xie! She is a new spirit soul. When I first saw her, she was with Nalan Shan. And on the day just before the Spiritual Bear appeared, she had been sitting at the same table as Nalan Shan as well! I am guessing that she should be learning the cultivation method from Nalan Shan and through her, we might just be able to find Nalan Shan!"
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