Chapter 2022: Surrounded (1)

    Chapter 2022: Surrounded (1)

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    "Jun Wu Xie....." Jiang Yun Long narrowed his eyes and tried to recall the situation in the Spiritual Spirit Loft back on that day, immediately remembering the young lady with her astounding looks.

    "You are sure that she is a new spirit soul?" Jiang Yun Long asked with her brows creased.

    "Sur..... Sure... The first time when I first saw her, she was still in a half translucent state, what could she be if not a new spirit soul?" Meng Yi Liang did not know why Jiang Yun Long would ask these questions.

    "When was it that you saw here for the first time?" Jiang Yun Long then continued to ask.

    Meng Yi Liang thought about it a moment and then replied: "About half a month ago. It was also at the Spiritual Spirit Loft and she was with Nalan Shan. But after I told her about the Serene Spirit Tower, she then went there after just a while where I then brought her into the tower. Oh right. When I brought her up into the twelfth level, Eldest Senior and Second Senior were also there cultivating. And as I was afraid we'll disturb you, I did not dare make any noise. But she did not come back anymore after that time and it seemed that she had gone to follow Nalan Shan to practice cultivation. I do not know what that lass is thinking, to actually leave the Serene Spirit Tower unused, choosing instead to take such a winding path."

    "Half a month ago?" Jiang Yun Long's eyes suddenly narrowed.

    "Meng Yi Liang, are you a moron? Have you ever seen any new spirit soul that could solidify his body completely so quickly just after arriving into the Spirit World! ?"

    Meng Yi Liang was properly shaken by that roar and it was a moment before he suddenly recalled that when he saw Jun Wu Xie next, Jun Wu Xie had already completely solidified her body, looking completely unlike a new spirit soul who had just come here into the Spirit World for just half a month.

    "But..... But..... When I saw her for the first time, she really looked just like a new spirit....." Meng Yi Liang stuttered fearfully.

    "New spirit? Which new spirit have you seen that was able to walk up to the twelfth level the first time they entered the Serene Spirit Tower? Not to mention new spirit souls. Even for you who had cultivated in the Serene Spirit Tower for so long, carelessly going up to the twelfth level would make you feel uncomfortable, much less for her!" The more Jiang Yun Long thought about it, the more he felt something was not right. Based on what Meng Yi Liang had said, Jun Wu Xie did not fit into the state of a new spirit soul.

    Meng Yi Liang's mind was struck awake by Jiang Yun Long's words. He had only been concerned with looking at Jun Wu Xie's stunning looks and did not think about much else other than that. Being reminded by Jiang Yun Long now, he suddenly came to realize the strange state she was in after going into the Serene Spirit Tower. She had been completely at ease, more at ease than he was when they went straight up to the twelfth level, and at the moment she was leaving, her body did not seem to be all that translucent anymore!

    "I..... I..... I don't know....." Meng Yi Liang said mournfully, as he was badly admonished by Jiang Yun Long.

    "Do you know where that lass is now?" Jiang Yun Long asked.

    Meng Yi Liang continued to stutter: "I..... I think since she was following..... Nalan Shan to cultivate..... Logically, she should be in..... the Tranquil Dream Forest, I think....."

    "That lass is definitely not as simple as you think, and I fear she might be a trump card Nalan Shan holds hidden in his hand. You go bring some men to the Tranquil Dream Forest immediately and bring her here to me." Jiang Yun Long said, his face dark.

    "Yes." Meng Yi Liang quickly nodded, not daring to hesitate in the slightest before running outside like he was almost going to wet his pants, on his way to capture Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie who was still cultivating in the Tranquil Dream Forest was still not aware that she had become Jiang Yun Long's next target.

    Among the youthful companions, only Jun Wu Xie who had gone into the Serene Spirit Tower progressed the fastest in their cultivation and had a completely solid body, while Qiao Chu and the others were slightly slower in advancement.
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