Chapter 2024: Surrounded (3)

    Chapter 2024: Surrounded (3)

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    Meng Yi Liang's lips stiffened, and it might be because they were tired from searching that his footsteps came to a stop as he turned his head to glare at the group of men with so many questions.

    "Why are all of you chattering so much? Eldest Senior asked all of you to search, then search! There's no need to ask so many questions! That lass is linked to Nalan Shan in some way and we don't know where Nalan Shan is hiding, so we need to find Jun Wu Xie before we can possibly find out where Nalan Shan is hiding. Do you all understand now? If all of you are going to continue to be so long winded, I will go tell Eldest Senior to sew up all your mouths one by one." Meng Yi Liang said maliciously as he stared at the group of men.

    Being threatened by Meng Yi Liang, those people no longer dared to question any more.

    "But with the Tranquil Dreams Forest being so vast, with so few of us, how long will it take us before we finish searching?"

    "It's not just us. Eldest Senior has sent people to search from other directions as well and we will be closing in with circle that surrounds the entire place. That lass does not know anything so it won't be difficult for us to capture her." Meng Yi Liang said gloatingly all by himself, his heart even feeling a twinge of regret. Jun Wu Xie was one of the topmost beauties he had seen and he had initially wanted to win that lass over into his hands. Never had he thought that Jun Wu Xie would turn out to have links with Nalan Shan which caused Jiang Yun Long to have his eyes now set on capturing her, dashing any chance of Meng Yi Liang's dreams from fulfilment.

    Without any chance of becoming intimate with the beauty, Meng Yi Liang thought it rather unfortunate.

    They were all unaware that every single one of Meng Yi Liang's words were all overheard by Jun Wu Xie and her companions hiding up in the trees. Jun Wu Xie and her companions then waited till Meng Yi Liang and his men left before they jumped down from high up in the trees,

    "Darn it! Is that fella so tired of living already? First it was trying to capture Brownie, then it was searching for Nalan Shan, now he has his eyes set on Little Xie?" The moment Qiao Chu landed on the ground, he started howling indignantly. All of them had not thought that Meng Yi Liang target would turn out to be Jun Wu Xie!

    How long had it only been since Jun Wu Xie came to the Spirit World and she was already caught up in such a great disaster!

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up slightly. She was not a person to be afraid of trouble, but as she still did not have sufficient powers, it was rather frustrating.

    "What do we do? From the tone of that kid, they seemed to have laid out an extensive web over the Tranquil Dream Forest to capture Little Xie. How are we going to go out?" Fei Yan rubbed at his chin. If this was in the Middle Realm, no need to even talk about the entire Tranquil Dream Forest having been surrounded. Even if an army stood at the borders, they had nothing to fear. Unfortunately, the powers they possessed was rather sad to look at in this place.

    "We'll go have a look first." Jun Wu Xie said composedly.

    Jun Wu Xie and her companions moved quickly towards the edge of the Tranquil Dreams Forest. But before they could get out from the Tranquil Dream Forest, they saw a large number of human spirits gathered outside. They were stationed one at every ten paces, completely surrounding the Tranquil Dreams Forest. All of them were holding a portrait in their hands, and Rong Ruo sent a Hell Butterfly to go peek at them, where she then discovered that the person depicted in the portrait was Jun Wu Xie!

    It was then feared that the moment they charged out of the Tranquil Dream Forest, those spirits would surely come surging up against them.

    "Damn it! Such a big group. They are coming for Jun Wu Xie for real" Qiao Chu said through gritted teeth.

    Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at the heavy encirclement. She was not surprised that she was being targeted, as afterall, she had come into contact with Meng Yi Liang and the two times she was seen by Meng Yi Liang, she was with Nalan Shan. Hence, now that Meng Yi Liang cannot find Nalan Shan, he would naturally come seek her.

    "What do we do now? Why not we use Rolly and the others to charge our way out?" Qiao Chu suggested.
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