Chapter 2025: Overlapping Slaps (1)

    Chapter 2025: Overlapping Slaps (1)

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    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "Go back inside the forest."

    "Back into the forest?" Qiao Chu was slightly taken aback.

    The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth then curled up into a sinister arc.

    "With such a "grand reception", if we do not present them with a "reciprocal gift", then we'll be embarrassing ourselves." Meng Yi Liang and the human spirits' ways had truly enraged Jun Wu Xie and it did not matter what kind of secret was hidden within the Serene Spirit Tower anymore. With Wu Jiu being so aggressively on their heels, it was no longer something Jun Wu Xie wanted to put up with.

    It was not that she could not tolerate it, but just that she did not want to!

    Being the "furnatic" that she was, when saw Meng Yi Liang and Jiang Yun Long bring a whole bunch of spirits to harm Brownie and the other Beast Spirits, she had wanted to exact revenge against them. Since they had delivered themselves right up to her door today, Jun Wu Xie would naturally not show them any mercy!

    Qiao Chu was still a little confused but Jun Wu Xie beckoned at her little companions and six heads huddled together while Jun Wu Xie whispered several sentences softly to them.

    "I think that will work!" After listening, Qiao Chu's face immediately revealed an ecstatic grin.

    He had been repressed being a new spirit soul here where his hands and legs were tied down and restrained. He would finally be able to even the score this time!

    Hua Yao and the others had naturally agreed to Jun Wu Xie's suggestion without a word. It must be known that ever since they came to the Spirit World, their hearts had been highly repressed as they had just lost their Purple Spirit so suddenly and had to restart it all from the very beginning. The days of having their hands and feet bound in such constraints were not what something they liked going through.

    "Go!" With that order given by Jun Wu Xie, the group of several youths immediately shot themselves deeper into the Tranquil Dreams Forest right behind her.

    Inside the Tranquil Dream Forest, Meng Yi Liang led his men aimlessly in search for any sign of Jun Wu Xie. The Tranquil Dreams Forest was vast, a place that was able to hold the biggest number of human spirits at one time in the spirit world with a large part of the Spirit World's Spirit Fires gotten from here.

    Searching in the Tranquil Dreams Forest, with the skies dark and the trees densely packed, only the tiny bits of light form the Spirit Fires lit the way. Meng Yi Liang and his men held fire torches in their hands to light the path forward. But ever since the Serene Spirit Towers appeared, basically none of the human spirits were willing to come cultivate in the Tranquil Dreams Forest anymore. Hence, towards the complicated and seemingly monotonously similar paths in the Tranquil Dreams Forest, Meng Yi Liang and his men found the place to be so dreary they wanted to die.

    "Damn it! This lousy place should have been torched and have it burnt cleanly away." Meng Yi Liang could no longer count the number of times he had been scratched by branches and his clothes were becoming tattered from the numerous tears, which just drove his mood to escalate from dreariness into frustration.

    "Senior Meng, do we have to continue to search?" Having searched for the better half of the day, they had not gotten anything at all. The deeper they went into the Tranquil Dream Forest, the poorer visibility became, while the density of the surrounding trees grew thicker which made the way forward all the more arduous for all of them.

    "What do you think! ? Of course we have to continue! Eldest Senior gave us three days and if we are not able to find Jun Wu Xie, the consequences will be more than we can take!" Meng Yi Liang's voice was highly agitated and impatient. If not for the quaking rage his Master had flown into, he would not have wanted to come to this damned place.

    "I really do not understand it. Before the Serene Spirit Towers came about, how could human spirits possibly want to come cultivate in such a godforsaken place." Meng Yi Liang complained incessantly, till he could not endure it any longer where he pulled out the short blade at his hip, to hack away the endless tree branches blocking his way one by one.

    The swishing sounds of the forest accompanied the sounds of footsteps, disappearing into the seemingly endless Tranquil Dreams Forest.

    Suddenly, at the edge of the light from the torches, Meng Yi Liang seemed to see a blurry figure under the trees not too far off. Meng Yi Liang immediately perked up as he drew a deep breath and gestured at his companions behind him, asking them to keep their voices down.
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