Chapter 2026: Overlapping Slaps (2)

    Chapter 2026: Overlapping Slaps (2)

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    The edges of Meng Yi Liang's mouth then turned up with sinister mirth.

    He had finally found her!

    He looked around at the surroundings and after making sure that there was nothing else that was strange, he then went walking straight towards the place. He purposely lightened his step, afraid that he would make a sound.

    But no matter how light his steps were, the rustling of leaves still sounded under his feet. Meng Yi Liang paused, and raised his eyes to look up at the figure.

    The shadowy figure moved slightly and came walking out from under the trees. The surrounding balls of Spirit Fires then lit up that figure.

    Like a goddess that had descended down to the mortal realm, the faint orange light from the Spirit Fires bathed that peerlessly stunning face under the dim darkness. She stood alone within the dense forest, so beautiful looking that it felt so surreal.

    For a moment, Meng Yi Liang was actually mesmerized as he stood there dazed, his mouth agape as he gazed upon that figure that was too beautiful for words. Even the men following behind him was bedazzled. When they had first received the portraits, they had already thought that the person in the painting was too beautiful to exist.

    But when the saw it for real, they then came to realize that the beauty in the painting was not even one single percent of the real thing.

    Under these Heavens, how could there possibly be a girl that was so beautiful?

    Jun Wu Xie treaded upon the dry leaves, as she looked at Meng Yi Liang and his men calmly, the eyes chill as autumn waters under the orange glow of the Spirit Fires tinged with a peculiar colour, adding to them a devilish charm.

    "Wu..... Wu Xie." Meng Yi Liang was finally able to locate his voice as he stared at the figure of Jun Wu Xie, feeling his heart stir. The feelings that had disappeared rose up once again in his heart.

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Xie answered softly.

    "Cough. It turned out that you are really in here. The Tranquil Dreams Forest is such a dangerous place, for a little young lady like you to be in here alone isn't really safe for you." Meng Yi Liang said with a smile, trying to appear suave.

    "You need something?" Jun Wu Xie completely ignored Meng Yi Liang's "good intentions".

    Meng Yi Liang cleared his throat and his mind started to whirr quickly as he pretended to unconsciously get closer to Jun Wu Xie a step at a time, his eyes filling up with malicious treachery.

    "It's not all that big a matter but just a little bit of trouble. Nalan Shan had just rescued some criminal Beast Spirits not long ago which caused the Spirit Lord to fly into a rage. He then ordered my Master to locate Nalan Shan. You became rather close to Nalan Shan before and that was discovered by me Eldest Senior. Now that Nalan Shan has hidden himself with no sign of him everywhere, my Eldest Senior wants me to come bring you back to carefully interrogate you about Nalan Shan's whereabouts." When his voice fell, Meng Yi Liang had already reached the side of Jun Wu Xie and looking at Jun Wu Xie's face up close, it was even more blindingly beautiful.

    For such a ravishing beauty, if she was to fall into Jiang Yun Long's hands, she would definitely have to suffer quite a bit of torment. Meng Yi Liang had already harboured ill designs towards Jun Wu Xie and he was not about to miss any chance he had. An idea popped into his mind and he tried to appear helpless as he said: "You know that this is what the Spirit Lord himself wants and even I will not be able to defy his orders. But you can be assured that I have very close to my Eldest Senior and you will just have to tell him everything you know about Nalan Shan's whereabouts and I can guarantee that you will not be harmed in the slightest. Alright?"

    As he spoke, Meng Yi Liang had slidled himself closer to Jun Wu Xie's side, putting on his most winsome smile on his face with one hand holding the burning torch, and the other moving lecherously towards Jun Wu Xie's shoulder.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed with a chill and she suddenly took a step back, to dodge away from Meng Yi Liang's philandering hand.

    "I do not know where Nalan Shan is."
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