Chapter 2027: Overlapping Slaps (3)

    Chapter 2027: Overlapping Slaps (3)

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    Meng Yi Liang was not able to get his way and his heart could not help but feel a little displeased. But looking at Jun Wu Xie's face, he could not get angry with her, but just stepped himself forward with a wide smile, as he tried his best to pull the distance between him and Jun Wu Xie closer.

    "It doesn't matter even if you do not know. My Eldest Senior is merely looking to have us bring you to him just to ask you a few questions. Don't worry, with me around, you will just have to tell him what you know and nothing will happen. I will protect you."

    "But I do not intend to go at all." Jun Wu Xie said coldly, her gaze sweeping over to look at the hand Meng Yi Liang had raised up once again, and her eyes flashed with a glint of murder.

    Meng Yi Liang gave a lw chortle and then said "Wu Xie, I am not trying to scare you here. This is being carried out under the Spirit Lord's orders and my Master has similarly issued an ultimatum. If you do not go, you will be made to suffer quite a lot of torture. If you listen to me, I can make sure you remain unharmed. Afterall, being as beautiful as you are, how could I possibly bear to let you be hurt in the slightest?"

    "Wu Xie, just listen t me." Meng Yi Liang's eyes flashed with malice, and his hand suddenly shot out towards Jun Wu Xie's slender waist!

    In a flash, Jun Wu Xie's body mved and avoided Meng Yi Liang's philandering touch.

    Having his advances rejected once again, Meng Yi Liang's patience ran out. His eyes narrowed and the smile on his face gradually faded, and his gaze turned vicious as he stared at Jun Wu Xie's petite frame.

    "Jun Wu Xie, I will advise that you do not refuse the proffered wine and given wine as punishment instead, I will definitely bring you back to see my Eldest Senior today and if you listen obediently, I will make it easy for you. But if you refuse to cooperate, I will not mind letting you learn a little bit of a lesson!"

    Jun Wu Xie gazed coldly at Meng Yi Liang who had shown his true colours. She absolutely abhorred rogues who took advantage of women like this.

    "Damn it! You like t dodge so much do you? I would really like to see where else you can hide! Men! Capture that lass! I do not believe that I will not be able to get you today!" Meng Yi Liang was overcome with lecherous lust as he tore off his pretentious mask, to reveal his real face of vicious malice.

    Those few disciples immediately pounced right at Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie's looks had already caused all of their hearts to itch and they could not wait till after Meng Yi Liang had satisfied himself to see if they would be able to enjoy some intimacy as well!

    Like a pack of hungry wolves, the human spirits jumped Jun Wu Xie.

    And in that instant just before they were about to touch Jun Wu Xie, a streak of white light swept past their eyes. After the streak of white light disappeared, Jun Wu Xie who had been standing right before their eyes had actually disappeared!

    For a moment, Meng Yi Liang and his men were stunned. They all gazed all around themselves, seeking for any sign of Jun Wu Xie. But even after looking around for a long time, the only thing they saw around them were only unmoving trees, and not a single sign of any spirit body all around at all.

    "Damn it! Go find her for me this instant!" Meng Yi Liang roared in rage.

    The men quickly spread out to search carrying torches in their hands.

    A young lady that had been standing right there in front of them, how was it possible for her to disappear right before their eyes just like that?

    "Senior Meng! Over there!" One of the men spotted a shadow flash past on the side, and he immediately called out.

    Meng Yi Liang narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction that man had pointed out, his mouth plastered with a crass smirk.

    "Har! And I had thought where she could possibly have run to. Go capture her now!" Meng Yi Liang said with a wave of his hand and the men immediately went charging right towards where the shadow.

    The shadow did not seem to have noticed them approaching as it stood behind a huge tree, revealing only part of its shadow. Meng Yi Liang then jumped straight at that shadow with a mighty pounce!
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