Chapter 2028: Overlapping Slaps (4)

    Chapter 2028: Overlapping Slaps (4)

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    Meng Yi Liang had pounced thinking to wrap his arms around a beauty. Never had he thought that before he could get within half an inch of that shadow, the shadow had suddenly shifted. Meng Yi Liang had not even seen clearly what had happened when he saw an enormous shadow smashing down onto his face.


    A pitiful wail exploded out from Meng Yi Liang mouth, accompanied by a piercing screech. Meng Yi Liang's entire body looked like he had been sent flying from being struck by a heavy force before he crashed heavily onto the ground, to tumble a few rounds wretchedly.

    "Wh..... What....." The human spirits following right behind Meng Yi Liang were dumbstruck with terror, never having ever thought that Meng Yi Liang would be sent flying by a single strike.

    Their eyes followed the arc of Meng Yi Liang's flight. The torch he had been carrying in his hand had fallen beside the shadow, illuminating the towering figure that was the shadow.

    An enormous bear type Beast Spirit with contrasting black and white fur stood under two tall trees, its towering frame seemingly like a high wall of flesh!

    With just one look, the human spirits very nearly fell onto their behinds in fright.

    That shadow wasn't Jun Wu Xie at all, but that very same Yin Yang Bear who had beaten them all up black and blue in the vicinity of the Spiritual Spirit Loft the last time! !

    The Tranquil Dreams Forest was a place that human spirits cultivated and no Beast Spirits would rightfully come here. But this Yin Yang Bear had suddenly appeared in a place that it should not be in exactly like the last time!

    The initially highly aggressive bunch of human spirits immediately turned into eggplants stuck with frost, falling limp.

    Just how powerful this Yin Yang Bear was, many among them had experienced it before. A single slap from that huge paw, even if it did not scatter their souls, it would at least render them unable to get out of bed for many days!

    "Yin..... Yin Yang Bear..... How could the Yin Yang Bear possibly appear in this place....." Meng Yi Liang endured the excruciating pain and raised his head up, to stare wide eyed and with his mouth agape at the Yin Yang Bear who had suddenly come to the Tranquil Dreams Forest for some unknown reason, his eyes almost popping out of his head.

    "Roar!" The Yin Yang Bear's massive body squeezed past the trees beside it, the half mature trees before its mighty strength snapping and falling like weak little saplings to the ground with just a bump from the bear.

    The Yin Yang Bear continued to come closer to Meng Yi Liang and his men. Meng Yi Liang was so frightened his legs were shaking, as he scrambled to his feet in panic, thinking to escape. But he had just barely stood up when he was picked up off the ground by a powerful force.

    Meng Yi Liang let out a scream and turned his head to look, and he almost wet his pants.

    The thing that had lifted him off the ground had not been anything else but the same Great Ape that had pummeled his face into the ground that day back outside the Spiritual Spirit Loft!

    The Great Ape's highly human face split into a broad grin. That grin looked to be filled with ridicule, with a pair of sharp ivory white fangs, that made Meng Yi Liang shiver like a frightened little bird.

    "Quick! Come save me quick!" Meng Yi Liang screamed in an abnormally high pitch.

    The human spirits were greatly struck by terror, all of them wanting to run away, but did not dare to escape on their own due to Meng Yi Liang's identity. They had no choice but to steel themselves and charge at the Great Ape.

    Before they could even get close to the Great Ape, a flash of white shot past their eyes, and several human spirits were struck as they sailed through the air!

    'Bam, bam.' Several dull crashes sounded as the human spirits crashed into the tree trunks around, their backs almost snapping from the impact, before they fell to the ground looking highly sorry and wretched.

    A slithering swishing sounded beside Meng Yi Liang's ear, and Meng Yi Liang was finally able to clearly see what those two white flashes that he had seen earlier really was.

    A gigantic Double Headed Bone Snake knocked down row after row of trees, and poked its heads out from the forest. And standing upon one of its heads, was Jun Wu Xie who had just disappeared moments before!
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