Chapter 2029: Overlapping Slaps (5)

    Chapter 2029: Overlapping Slaps (5)

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    Meng Yi Liang stared in shock at Jun Wu Xie standing upon the head of the Double Headed Bone Snake, his eyes completely incredulous.

    "You want to catch me?" Jun Wu Xie asked with a brow raised, as she looked down at Meng Yi Liang held in the Great Ape's grip from her high vantage point.

    Meng Yi Liang's body was shaking uncontrollably. Not even in his dreams would he have thought that the three Beast Spirits that had appeared near the Spiritual Spirit Loft that day would be linked to Jun Wu Xie!

    "It's you! You were the one who made these Beast Spirits rescue that brown bear! Jun Wu Xie! Do you really know what you are doing at all! ?" Meng Yi Liang's hearts was hopelessly terrified, but he still tried his best to pretend to be calm.

    "Oh? What did I do?" Jun Wu Xie questioned as she looked at Meng Yi Liang.

    "That brown bear, was one that the Spirit Lord was in need of, and you had actually taken it away without approval. Do you know if the matter is found out by the Spirit Lord, you will surely be beaten till your soul scatters and disperses! You have better release me now, or the consequences will not be something you can afford to shoulder!" Meng Yi Liang shouted.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly let out a tinkle of laughter. She then turned her eyes that were tinged with an almost imperceivable smile upon Meng Yi Liang, like she was seeing what a joke he was.

    "Oh, the consequences are actually all that severe? Then you tell me. Since you know of my secret now, in order to save myself, should I first smash your soul into smithereens till it disperses and scatters, so that the Spirit Lord will not know who the person that rescued the brown bear really was?"

    Jun Wu Xie's words were like a bucket of cold water, that was splashed right into Meng Yi Liang's face. Meng Yi Liang's entire body was shaking as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, and in Jun Wu Xie's eyes, he saw pure uninihibited murder.

    "You..... You cannot kill me! Inside and outside the Tranquil Dreams Forest, the entire place is currently filled with my men. If you kill me, you will not be able to get away! My Master will definitely not let you off as well, and my Master is Wu Jiu! The Spirit Master that the Spirit Lord trusts the most! If you kill me, my Master will definitely avenge me!

    Even with these beasts protecting you, you will still not be able to escape!" Meng Yi Liang was terrified. He did not want to die, as if his soul was scattered and dispersed, he would totally cease to exist!

    Jun Wu Xie calmly watched Meng Yi Liang put up his final struggles as she listened to his old and cliche threats, thinking it dull and uninteresting.

    "According to what you are saying, I will still die no matter what I do, then why shouldn't I first drag the few of you down with me first as accompaniment?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly, and she then gestured with her chin at Rolly.

    Rolly immediately pounced upon a human spirit closest to it, its huge bear paws squashed between its massive paws.

    The man was almost overcome with fright, where he begged and pleaded to be spared. However Rolly suddenly lowered down its head and held that man's neck in a bite, its sharp teeth slowly crushing the man soul into mush bit by bit!

    Spirit bodies were not entirely immortal, and if one's soul was torn to shreds, no one would be able to save it.

    Through the biting, a pitiful scream reverberated in the dense forest incessantly, the frightful wails seemingly like many sharp blades slowly shaving off Meng Yi Liang false bravado bit by bit.

    Meng Yi Liang was so frightened his face turned white, the other human spirits around so scared they could not even stand. Seeing their own companion being torn to shreds at such a close distance, the kind of terror that struck them almost obliterated any longing for them to even run away.

    "Now, whose turn is it now?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes that were overflowing with murder then swept over the several human spirits lying limp upon the ground.

    Their faces had all turned pale from fright and all strength had left their legs making it impossible for them to even escape. All of them had fallen back to sit on the ground, their mouths sounding out constant pleas for mercy. They would never ever have thought that the beautiful young lady before their eyes would turn out to be so much like a god of death!
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