Chapter 2030: Overlapping Slaps (6)

    Chapter 2030: Overlapping Slaps (6)

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    Meng Yi Liang was so frightened he could not even utter a single word. Right before his eyes, his fellow disciples who had come with him had their souls shredded apart by the Yin Yang Bear one by one, to disappear into nothing. With death so close at hand, Meng Yi Liang was about to completely lose it.

    "Don't kill me..... Don't kill me..... I am not the one who wants to capture you. It's my Eldest Senior! He was the one who wanted me to come catch you! !" Meng Yi Liang clutched at his head, wishing he could hide from all of this but was firmly held in the enormous Great Ape's grip.

    Jun Wu Xie tapped the Double Headed Bone Snake's head with the tip of her foot and the Double Headed Bone Snake lowered ts head to allow Jun Wu Xie to step off onto the ground.

    At the same time, five other figures jumped down from the trees. They came over to stand beside Jun Wu Xie, their eyes fixed upon Meng Yi Liang who was held by the Great Ape.

    "Heh heh, you're wetting your pants just from this? Aren't you being a little too lame?" Qiao Chu raised his head up to look at Meng Yi Liang and discovered that Meng Yi Liang's pants had become wet and a suspicious puddle had appeared under his feet.

    "So that's all disciples of the Spirit Master Wu Jiu amounts to afterall, more timid than a little mouse." Fei Yan and Qiao Chu sang in harmony.

    Meng Yi Liang stared at the youths who had appeared so suddenly and immediately recalled that they were the same youths who had been dining with Nalan Shan and Jun Wu Xie that day. He had not paid these youths any notice before and had never really remembered them. But with the set up today, it was clear that they had been well prepared and were waiting here for him to bite the hook.

    "Don't..... Don't kill me.... I am not responsible..... I was merely just following orders and none of this was my idea at all!" Meng Yi Liang begged futilely, the earlier lecherous arrogance when he was thinking of taking advantage of Jun Wu Xie completely nonexistent.

    "What a useless piece of trash. To think scum like you even dares to harbour filthy designs on our Little Xie, you really should just kill yourself." Qiao Chu shook his head as he stared at Meng Yi Liang. The companions had all clearly seen the kind of things that Meng Yi Liang had attempted to do to Jun Wu Xie earlier and if not for the fact that they knew it was impossible Jun Wu Xie would allow herself to be tainted by the kid, they would all have jumped him to give him a good bashing.

    "I didn't! I really did not!" Meng Yi Liang's face turned green, and he quickly shook his head in vehement denial.

    If he had known Jun Wu Xie had these three Beast Spirits beside her, even if he was filled with guts inside, he would not have dared to even think of touching her.

    "I don't want to hear any more of your nonsense. If you do not want to suffer, then answer whatever I ask you." Jun Wu Xie was getting a little impatient, as the noise Meng Yi Liang was making was getting her riled and irritated.

    "Sure! You can ask me anything! As long as you do not hurt me, I can tell you everything that I know." Meng Yi Liang said between sobs and sniffles, the earlier debonair and suave air he was seeking to project nonexistent.

    "Why does your Master want to capture that brown bear?" Jun Wu Xie asked the question she had in her heart.

    Meng Yi Liang was taken aback, never having thought that Jun Wu Xie would ask about that, and his face showed a moment of hesitation.

    "Floral, let him have a taste of your strength." The moment Fei Yan saw Meng Yi Liang show hesitation, he immediately gave the Great Ape an order.

    "No! Don't..... don't." Meng Yi Liang begged with a wail.

    The Great Ape stretched his other hand out and its palm lashed straight towards Meng Yi Liang's head.

    The Great Ape's strength was much stronger than most other Beast Spirits and its size was several times greater than Meng Yi Liang. That single slap immediately made Meng Yi Liang see stars and the side of his face swelled up alarmingly, the corner of his mouth split.

    "Rolly, go service him a little as well." Qiao Chu said with his arms crossed over his chest, gesturing to the Yin Yang Bear with his chin.

    The Yin Yang Bear immediately pounced, its two paws stretched out wide to its sides as it joined forces with the Great Ape to execute a short set of combo strikes!
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