Chapter 2031: Overlapping Slaps (7)

    Chapter 2031: Overlapping Slaps (7)

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    "Arrrgh!" Meng Yi Liang's mournful cry reverberated in the Tranquil Dream Forest. The combo bashing of the two massive Beast Ring Spirits made Meng Yi Liang experience what it meant to suffer a fate worse than death.

    In just a few short moments, Meng Yi Liang's face was so badly bashed up it swelled up till it looked like a pig's head, with snot and tears flowing down, looking highly wretched.

    "Don't..... Don't hit me anymore..... I'll talk..... I'll talk....." Meng Yi Liang had never been beaten up so badly before and the excruciating pain on his body with the fear that filled him made him wail incessantly.

    Jun Wu Xie raised up her hand slightly and Rolly and the Great Ape immediately stopped.

    Meng Yi Liang looked so pitiful and was such a wretched sight, in no way showing the slightest hint of handsomeness.

    "My Master wants to use the Spiritual Bear as the foundation stone for the fourth Serene Spirit Tower and only said that construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower could only be completed with the Spiritual Bear. Anything more than that..... I really do not know. I was accepted as a disciple by my Master only a few years ago and do not know the exact details. Everything that I have done was carried out under my Eldest Senior's orders. I am really not lying." Meng Yi Liang said sobbingly. If he had known that Jun Wu Xie had so a bunch of power behind her, even if you beat him to death, he would not have dared to even long for a single hair on Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie then went on to ask Meng Yi Liang a few more questions and just as Meng Yi Liang had said, the things he knew about was very limited. Wu Jiu had not valued him all that much and hence the questions he was able to answer was very limited in number as well.

    But through Meng Yi Liang's mouth, Jun Wu Xie had come to know the reason Wu Jiu was so anxious to capture the Spiritual Bear was in order for him to build the fourth Serene Spirit Tower. According to Meng Yi Liang's words, if he was unable to capture the Spiritual Bear, then the fourth Serene Spirit Tower would never be able to be completed, which was a point that made Jun Wu Xie take notice.

    "I've told you everything that I know..... Now..... Can you let me go?" Meng Yi Liang asked as he looked pleadingly with his face covered in snot and tears, asking very carefully, deeply afraid that his words would lead him to suffer another round of beating.

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow slightly as she looked at Meng Yi Liang, before she nodded to the Yin Yang Bear and the Great Ape.

    Just as Meng Yi Liang thought that he had saved his own little life, the hands of the Great Ape clasped right around his neck, as the Yin Yang Bear's sharp claws shot right through his chest.

    Before he was even able to cry out, Meng Yi Liang was torn apart into two halves by the Yin Yang Bear!

    The shattered soul then turned into specks of stars, to scatter and disperse within the dim and dark Tranquil Dreams Forest.

    "Tsk tsk, why do I feel that that old fella called Wu Jiu seems to be planning a grand conspiracy?" Even the densest Qiao Chu among them had noticed the peculiarity of the matter.

    Building the Serene Spirit Tower actually requires the Spiritual Bear! And the cheetah had said before that the Spiritual Bear was never that weak, but after it was brought away by Wu Jiu and it came to escape from the Serene Spirit Tower's dungeon, it had turned into such a state. It was clear that there must be something in the Serene Spirit tower that was depleting the Spiritual Bear's power of the spirit.

    "Now, Wu Jiu has his sights set on Brownie, which also includes Nalan Shan as well. Since Jiang Yun Long knew that Little Xie was acquainted with Nalan Shan, it is feared that they will not spare Little Xie that easily." Fan Zhuo said with a brow slightly lifted. Although Meng Yi Liang was dead, Jiang Yun Long was still around.

    "Who spares who in the end is not yet decided." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed, as she turned herself around to look deep into the Tranquil Dream Forest.

    "Since they want to capture me, then I should give him a greeting gift up front. Dumb Qiao, you guys get Rolly and the other two beast Ring Spirits ready. Today, we shall prepare a great big present for Jiang Yun Long and Wu Jiu.

    [Want to capture me?]

    [We'll see if you possess that kind of capability first!]
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