Chapter 2032: Youre a Little More Pleasing to the Eye (1)

    Chapter 2032: You're a Little More Pleasing to the Eye (1)

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    A bout of slaughter was quietly carried out within the Tranquil Dream Forest.

    The Tranquil Dreams Forest was expansively vast and in order to surround and capture Jun Wu Xie as quickly as he could, Jiang Yun Long had not only despatched spirits to stand guard around the perimeter of the Tranquil Dreams Forest, he had also sent out more than ten teams of human spirits to go right into the Tranquil Dreams Forest to search for any signs of Jun Wu Xie.

    The ten over teams sounded like a lot, but going into the Tranquil Dreams Forest, they were scattered apart.

    Jun Wu Xie and her companions had already cultivated in the Tranquil Dreams Forest for more than half a month and under Nalan Shan's lead, they had become highly familiar with the Tranquil Dreams Forest. The place had now become their homeground in the Spirit World and using the densely packed trees, Jun Wu Xie and her companions executed a efficient counter attack together with the Yin Yang Bear and the other Ring Spirits.

    A team of human spirits that came in seeking to capture Jun Wu Xie had not even seen her shadow before they were crushed to bits by the Double Headed Bone Snake that fell down from the skies.

    The forest was a battleground that Beast Spirits were most familiar with and pitted against a group of human spirits who were unfamiliar with the place, how could they even hope to be a match for the Yin Yang Bear and the other Ring Spirits.

    The Hell's Butterfly searched through the Tranquil Dreams Forest for signs of the enemy and at the first moment that Rong Ruo received the news, she would relay the information to Jun Wu Xie where Jun Wu Xie would then dispatch the Yin Yang Bear and the other two Ring Spirits to go annihilate them.

    The human spirits who came in as the hunters, suddenly became targeted as prey, as pitiful cries resounded within the Tranquil Dreams Forest, but were swallowed up by the thick sea of leaves.

    It had merely been a day's time, and the over ten teams that Jiang Yun Long sent out were completely obliterated, leaving the human spirits standing at the perimeter of the forest still completely oblivious to the things going on inside.

    Rong Ruo sent out the Hell Butterfly to check of the team of human spirits outside the Tranquil Dreams Forest and sent out another Hell Butterfly to fly back to Jun Wu Xie's house, to deliver the news to Jun Wu Yao, telling him there was no need to worry, and that Jun Wu Xie needed to spend another few days' time in the Tranquil Dreams Forest.

    There wasn't a single human spirit sent into the Tranquil Dreams Forest left. The human spirits outside were not aware that they had all been slaughtered and were still foolishly standing guard outside to await news.

    And over this period, Jun Wu Xie and her companions were neither anxious nor flustered, but just remained inside the Tranquil Dreams Forest to continue to cultivate steadily, leaving the Hell Butterfly to be the perfect scout, where no one would be able to escape its notice when anyone came near.

    The companions stayed there for a ten day stretch. In those ten days, Jun Wu Xie and the companions constantly practiced their cultivation, giving up on rest, and focusing all their time to temper their powers of the spirit.

    It was till the tenth day, that Jun Wu Xie snapped out of her trance.

    Her progress was a little faster than Qiao Chu and the others and she dispersed the Spirit Fire as she stood up. She carried the little black cat up into her arms, and then lean herself against a huge tree.

    The little black cat's condition was still not all that stable, still very much in a coma, which caused Jun Wu Xie to still be worried about it. Seeing the little black cat unconscious in her arms, Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes, as she stroked at the little black cat's smooth and luxurious fur.

    Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie heard the faint trace of a soft sound. She immediately shielded the little black cat in her arms, her eyes narrowed as she looked towards the source of that sound.

    A black shadow slowly glided down from the trees above.

    Jun Wu Xie focused her gaze and then suddenly blew out a breath in relief.

    Poison Ivy landed onto the ground as he looked at the guarded and wary Jun Wu Xie, and his eyes then showed a sliver of understanding.

    "I had asked, why had so many human spirits suddenly come stand around outside. Now I can see it's because of the bunch of you. What? Offended Wu Jiu?" Poison Ivy asked Jun Wu Xie with an eyebrow raised up. It could have been due to Little Lotus and Poppy, that Jun Wu Xie still had an impression of Jun Wu Xie.

    "We must have disturbed you." Jun Wu Xie knew Poison Ivy did not mean her any harm, and she was able to then relax her guard. Although Poison Ivy's heart showed people no mercy, but he was highly principled, a spirit that had a harsh mouth, but a rather soft heart.
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