Chapter 2033: Youre a Little More Pleasing to the Eye (2)

    Chapter 2033: You're a Little More Pleasing to the Eye (2)

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    Poison Ivy shrugged his shoulders. "All of this has not really disturbed me all that much. Although I do not really want to bother with the human spirits' affairs, but there is one thing that I feel you might be able to enlighten me on."

    "What would that be?" Poison Ivy had once helped the little black cat and Jun Wu Xie was still grateful to Poison Ivy for that. Hence, when the two of them spoke, there wasn't any tension between them.

    "How are human spirits who have yet to die able to come into the Spirit World?" Poison Ivy said suddenly.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head, her clear eyes turning to gaze upon Poison Ivy.

    Poison Ivy then said: "I had initially felt it to be a little strange, that the timing that Little Lotus and Poppy returned here was a little too much of a coincidence, and their demeanor towards you seems to be highly respectful. I had not noticed it in the beginning, but then I discovered that there was a strange sliver of resonance between the two of them. I have not seen resonance like this, like there was something on their bodies that was the same. That was a point that puzzled me very much. I had discovered something uniquely special on Ring Spirits who returned back here from before, and it felt like one's spirit had been severed, that indicated they had severed their links from their previous owners. But there wasn't anything like that on Little Lotus and Poppy."

    "Little Lotus said before that you are his Mistress. Although you've come to the Spirit World, but ..... once you die, your links with your Ring Spirit should have been severed. The link between Little Lotus and your spirit soul is however still intact so would that mean..... your flesh body is still living?" Poison Ivy said, his eyes half narrowed as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was calm, and she did not seemed to be flustered in the least.

    Poison Ivy stared at Jun Wu Xie for a while, and then suddenly laughed softly.

    "It does not matter if you are not willing to answer me, as I am merely just asking for the sake of asking."

    Jun Wu Xie still did not say anything Poison Ivy's keen senses had surprised her, but at the same time, she had detected that when Poison Ivy said all those words, he had not displayed any animosity.

    "No matter whether you admit it or not, I will take it as my deduction is correct for now. Wu Jiu will not be easy to deal with and if you continue to remain here in the Tranquil Dreams Forest, you will get in trouble sooner or later. I'll bring all of you out." Poison Ivy suddenly said.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes revealed a glint of surprise. Poison Ivy did not seem to be someone who liked to poke his nose into people's affairs.

    "Don't misunderstand me. I am not doing this because of you. All spirit bodies who become Ring Spirits would upon the death of their respective owners, have their spirit chain severed, where the spirit would suffer a devastating hit, that struck straight at their hearts. I have known Little Lotus for a long time and what I am doing today is merely to give him a helping hand." Poison Ivy seemed to have noticed Jun Wu Xie's surprise and puzzlement, and opened his mouth to say.

    "Thank you." Jun Wu Xie said with a slight nod of her head. Poison Ivy was the classic example of someone with the mouth of a viper but the heart of a Buddha, a rather good person.

    Poison Ivy then said: "I find you rather pleasing to the eye as well. I will create some trouble later, and you can just leave here with your companions at that time."

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Poison Ivy immediately turned around. Jun Wu Xie went to wake Qiao Chu and their others from their trance in cultivation and told them what Poison Ivy had said. When the companions heard that, they immediately became excited and they went running towards the place that Poison Ivy lived at. If Poison Ivy was going to kick up a ruckus, it would definitely be close to where he lived.

    Poison Ivy walked over the soft grass, and looked at the densely packed trees before his eyes. Sounds rose up from behind him which told him that Jun Wu Xie and her companions had already started to move. His eyes slightly lowered and a thin vine on his wrist slithered out. That particular vine had a cut edge, like it had been sliced off by some sharp object, looking rather conspicuous compared with all the other vines.
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