Chapter 2034: Youre a Little More Pleasing to the Eye (3)

    Chapter 2034: You're a Little More Pleasing to the Eye (3)

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    The expression on Poison Ivy's face was tinted with a sliver of unspeakable sadness and it was a moment before he recovered to his senses as he went walking towards his own house.

    On both sides of the enormous tree that Poison Ivy lived, were several human spirits standing around. They looked around the place, and did not manage to find their target. After searching for a while, they began to feel bored and they gathered under the tree to whisper secretly to each other, where it was not known what they were talking about.

    Poison Ivy appeared right before them without a sound just like that and the human spirits were startled by Poison Ivy's sudden appearance, where they immediately held up their weapons.

    Several vines shot out quick as lightning, instantly hitting the weapons out of the hands of the human spirits one by one.

    "Poison..... Poison Ivy." Seeing those swirling vines, the human spirits were able to identify Poison Ivy immediately.

    "Who are you? Why are you here to disturb my rest?" Poison Ivy narrowed his eyes, as he glared balefully at the group of human spirits.

    "We are the Spirit Master Wu Jiu's subordinates and we have come here to the Tranquil Dreams Forest under the Spirit Master's orders to arrest a criminal human spirit." One of the human spirits said fearfully. The human spirits were growing stronger by the day, and there were few spirit bodies in the Spirit World that they needed to fear, but Poison Ivy was considered to be one of them.

    Among the three strongest Plant Spirits in the Spirit World, Poison Ivy was one of them, and he was well known for his eccentric temperament, his venomous tongue able to scrape of the skin off others. Even though they were here using the name of Wu Jiu, they still did not dare to be too brash before Poison Ivy.

    "You are disturbing me here. Scram." Poison Ivy snapped impatiently, seemingly not exercising the slightest restraint even after hearing Wu Jiu's name.

    Those human spirits were startled by Poison Ivy and were going to say something else when the vines behind Poison Ivy started to wave and dance in the air.

    And the human spirits immediately turned docile.....

    In terms of power, they were completely not a match for Poison Ivy. Thinking that they had seen no sign of Jun Wu Xie though they had been watching the place for half a day already, and with how vast the Tranquil Dreams Forest was, who knew where Jun Wu Xie would appear from? There were quite a number of other human spirits watching other places anyway and Jun Wu Xie might not appear here at this place anyway. With such a large number of human spirits Meng Yi Liang had brought into the Tranquil Dreams Forest, it was possible that Jun Wu Xie might have already been found.

    With that thought in mind, and with the threat coming from Poison Ivy, none of them dared to remain there any longer.

    Seeing the human spirits retreating away from under the tree, Poison Ivy's gaze slowly swept over the swathe of the trees in the Tranquil Dreams Forest behind him. A petite little figure was standing among the dense forest, looking at him quietly.

    Poison Ivy nodded his head slightly at that tiny figure, and then went up into the treetop without a sound.

    Jun Wu Xie watched Poison Ivy dispersing the human spirits in the vicinity and taking advantage of the area that had been cleared out, she then scuttled out from hiding with Qiao Chu and the others.

    Fortunately the skies of the Spirit World was dim and dark, where when they were just a little further away, no one was able to notice these several shadows that passed fleetingly in a flash.

    Sprinting as fast as they could the entire way, Jun Wu Xie opened her door and she had not even entered when she was wrapped up in a warm embrace.

    "You're back." Jun Wu Yao's voice sounded from above Jun Wu Xie's head, and Jun Wu Xie answered with a slight "Mm" in affirmation.

    After going into the house, Jun Wu Xie put the little black cat down upon the soft couch before she turned herself around to face Jun Wu Yao and said: "There is something very wrong about the Serene Spirit Towers and I must go to the fourth Serene Spirit Tower to have a look around."

    "Sure." Jun Wu Yao nodded his head, but after a moment's thought, he then said instead: "The Hell Butterfly sent the news to me. Since Wu Jiu is seeking to capture all of you at this moment, it will be better to go after some time has passed. Just in case."

    Jun Wu Xie understood what Jun Wu Yao was worried about, and she did not say anything before she agreed to it.

    Although Jun Wu Xie and her companions had managed to come back, but the human spirits standing guard outside the Tranquil Dreams Forest still had not dispersed. It was till five days later that Jiang Yun Long who still had not received any news after so long that he could not longer make himself sit back.
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